20 Interesting Facts About The Great Wall Of China

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One of the greatest wonders of the world and listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. The Great Wall Of China looks like a gigantic dragon in the first view. It has crossed many areas like grassland, mountains, deserts, and plateaus. The wall stretches almost 21,196 kilometers from the east to west of China.

The Wall has a great history and after 2700 of this, in some parts, the wall gets destroyed and ruins. Though all this The Great Wall of China is still very very appealing to the tourists and gathers them from all over the world.

Here Are 20 Interesting Facts About The Great Wall Of China

1.The Actual Length of the Great Wall

The longest Cemetery Facts About The Great Wall Of China

The Length of the great wall from different dynasties is 21,196.18 kilometers. Which was announced by China’s state administration, in 2012. The eleven parts of the wall are divided into ten different states. The length in the Ming dynasty is 8,851.8 kilometers and another big part which is in Han is almost 6000 kilometers.

2. Building Period

 Building Period interesting facts about the great wall of china

The wall which is almost 12000 miles was built in different dynasties and kingdoms what was situated in northern China and over a period of 22 centuries. It’s impossible to find out how many people have worked exactly to built this gigantic creature.

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3. The Chinese don’t call the wall as “Great Wall”

The Chinese don't call the wall as "Great Wall"

Chinese mankind is old enough to beyond this creation. Before the great wall, there were individual walls in every city in China. So they wanted to connect all the walls in one and they thought this could save them from savvier attacks. They did not name this “Great Wall”. Instead “Great” they have used the term “Long”. They used to call this “Long City”.

4. The wall was not only for protection from Mongols.

The wall was not only for protection from Mongols.

The wall was not actually build to repel The Mongols. The first emperor who was died in 210 BC had commissioned the wall. Which was before the emergence of Mongols at AD 800. The confrontation with Mongols was built in the late 14th century when they were chased out from China by the Ming.

 5. The rumor about bones

Rumor about bones interesting facts about the great wall of china

Ancient rumors speak of laborers being buried over the wall. Though some native historian claimed that but no evidence or no human bones were found in the wall and nothing is written about this thing in any sort of books or shown in any movies also.

6. The Local Myth

 The Local Myth interesting facts about the great wall of china

When some part of the wall was renovated during 1970, most of it disappeared. On the meantime, the wall was seen as despotism and people were encouraged even to use the bricks and stone to build their own living houses back then.

7. End of Building

End of Building the great wall of china

The main construction of the wall was officially finished in 1644 when the last ruler of the Ming Dynasty was overthrown. After then no further work has been done to expect the necessary construction and preservation of the wall.

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8. The height and width of the Great Wall

The hight and width of the Great Wall
Mutianyu great wall

The wall is 30 feet wide and the maximum height is 12 feet on its broadest point. The highest of the great wall is around 26 feet from the watchtower. It looks stunning when someone can see this from its beneath.

9. Number of Constructors

Number of Constructors the great wall of china

The construction of this architect took almost 2000 years and it is really hard to determine the actual constructors who had worked there. Considering some books, articles and some personal studies, it assumed that the number might be 8,00,000.

10. It can not be seen from the moon.

It can not be seen from the moon.  great wall of china facts

There is a very popular myth, this creature can be seen from the earth and almost everyone who has a little idea about the great wall believes the myth. The Great wall looks like human hair only 2 miles away from this so there is no chance to find this from Moon!

11. Some Universal Myth

Some Universal Myth great wall of china facts

Though back on that days some Astronauts claimed that they have seen the great wall from the space and as people use to believe that because some famous companies had published it like big, though the whole story was a rumor and they probably looked on a River or something like that.

12. The History Teller

The History Teller great wall of china facts

The wall has seen more battles in itself rather any other peoples do. Because this gigantic creature had gone through many popular and historical war. In fact, bullet holes from its last war, the Sino-Japanese war of 1938, are still visible on the wall at some points.

13. Shape like a Dragon

 Shape like a Dragon great wall of china facts

This is also a popular myth that the wall has a great similarity and connection with Dragons. And do you know how? Some people believe that a dragon had come down from the sky and the wall had followed it and built automatically. This is a Chinese myth.

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14. Popularity

Popularity great wall of china facts

The wall is very very popular to peoples all around the world. Every day thousands of people came here to see this gigantic creature what is one of the seven wonders in the world. Many popular personalities and American presidents have visited the place.

15. Attachment with Sports

Attachment with Sports great wall of china facts

The wall was used for many sports events in the early days. In 1978 a British long-distance runner William Lindesay ran almost 1500 miles of this wall alone! and many events expect that happened there.

16. Invention

Invention great wall of china length
It was during the construction of the Wall when the Chinese invented the wheelbarrow and started using it.

Some common creatures were first discovered during the construction of the wall. Have you ever heard the name of “Wheelbarrow”. This magical invention was invented by the Chinese during the construction and they used it to transport back then.

17. Wars

Wars great wall of china length

As we have said before the Wall has seen many historical events along with War in its lifetime. The Japanese war was the last of them and many people had died during the war back at that time.

18. The parts along with the WAll

The parts along with the WAll great wall of china length

There are many watchtowers in the wall and that was used for many reasons like signal stations, where beacons, smoke, and flags were used to show and received messages.

19. Highest Point

Highest Point facts about the great wall of china

What is the highest point of the wall? The highest point of the wall is at Heita Mountain what is situate near Beijing ( almost 5000 feet above the sea level ).

20. The longest Cemetery

The longest Cemetery how long to build great wall of china facts

The wall is also known as the longest cemetery in the world. Because thousands of people had died during the construction and every year to show respect for the people the government arranges various ceremonies.

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