20 Facts About Cannabis Drug Most People Don’t Realize

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Hello everyone! today we are going to discuss some facts on Cannabis which is commonly known as Marijuana. A very popular substance and available on almost every country in the world. This is the most controversial soft drug ever and many people somehow take this at some point in their life. Today we will discuss some hidden facts about this so-called soft drug in our article.

There are many who are against this and they always promote and write about the bad effects of Marijuana, on the other hand, there are some also who are very supportive about this and always say about the benefits or the healing power of this substance. So, let’s discuss and find out whether it is harmful or it’s just a myth.

Here Are 20 Facts About Cannabis Drug

1. Fact 1

facts about cannabis

Do you know, the earliest recorded uses of marijuana come from the 3rd millennium BC? The Charred cannabis seeds escorting back to that era were found in a ritual festive at an ancient interment site in today’s Romania. So your substance is not that recent. It has an old history

2. Fact 2

facts about cannabis

Destruction of this “soft” drug has been also recorded in ancient China (2800 BC) and Egypt (950 BC). And in both of the cases, the ammunition was found in mummies. They might take this as a recreation substance and this is why they used to take this to with them.

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3. Fact 3

facts about cannabis

Here is something interesting about this drug. Marijuana’s use is not as limited to other drugs. The fibers of weed can also be made into rope or fabric. Many scientists suggest the iconic stones on the Easter Islands might have been migrated with the help of such ropes.

4. Fact 4

facts about cannabis

Researches indicate that 42% of Americans have tried marijuana at least once. So as an American, what’s your opinion after trying Marijuana? Not only in our country, but it’s also might be a common substance to take. It is not that toxic though.

5. Fact 5

facts about cannabis

Are you planning to set-up a housing to cultivate marijuana in your home? Then there is a piece of information for you: an indoor grow module housing just 4 plants consumes as much electricity as almost 30 fridges.

6. Fact 6

facts about cannabis

It was December 2012, and the U.S. state of Washington became the first state to officially which legalize cannabis in state law with the state of Colorado following close purposes.

7. Fact 7

facts about cannabis

Can you imagine, Marijuana and beer have more in common than you would probably think. And beer’s leaps are in the same family of flowering plants like cannabis. Is not this is an interesting one?

8. Fact 8

420 fun facts cannabis

Marijuana doesn’t only treat people recreationally. Some pet owners are already using this drug medicinally to help their suffering cats and dogs. But in large quantities, cannabis can be deadly to animals.

9. Fact 9

420 fun facts cannabis

Talking about Toxicity of THC, the principal psychoactive component of marijuana is very low making human deaths from overdose, it’s extremely rare. And if they happen, they usually follow the injection of hashish oil.

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10. Fact 10

long term side effects of marijuanas

Now, this is something very financial. Do you know, Sanctioning marijuana would generate almost 9 billion dollars in federal and state tax annually? So, what will you say after knowing this?

11. Fact 11

long term side effects of marijuanas

This is about statistics again! Over 800,000 people are arrested for marijuana-related criminality in the U.S. every year. So if you love to have this thing, be in the states it is acceptable or be aware of the police!

12. Fact 12

long term side effects of marijuanas

This substance is too popular world-wide. As statistics says, after alcohol, marijuana is the second most popular recreational or mood-altering substance in the world. So what are you up for?

13. Fact 13

long term effects of marijuanas

There are over 200 dialect terms or nicknames for marijuana. Let’s talk about some of the most common nicknames include pot, grass, weed, hash, hemp, and of course ganja. Is any of them is known to you?

14. Fact 14

long term effects of marijuanas

Do you know In North Korea, marijuana is legal? and it’s not even considered as a drug. So, I think I must move on there, what’s your opinion to migrate from Trump’s Kingdom?

15. Fact 15

long term effects of marijuanas

AS per as the weather conditions, soil type, time of harvest and other factors, a sample of marijuana can comprise from 3% to 20% THC. It depends upon the weather conditions, soil type, time of harvest and other factors, a sample of marijuana can contain from 3% to 20% THC.

16. Fact 16

marijuanas effects

Do you know? As a farmer, George Washington grew marijuana on his farm and promoted its growth! But do not try this at your home, please. The authority might find you illegal.

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17. Fact 17

benefits of medical marijuanas

Notwithstanding being beneficial to the human body in positive ways, one of marijuana´s downside is the fact that it stifles your immune system and you can suffer for this. So, be careful before consuming.

18. Fact 18

weeds fun facts

When used this topically, in the form of a lotion or lotion, for example, cannabis does not cause the inebriating effects correlated with the drug and it doesn’t show up on a drug test!

19. Fact 19

disadvantages of marijuanas

As per for the green cannabis fans: The production and distribution of marijuana in America emit as much carbon as 3 million cars. So, it is sometimes useful, what do you think?

20. Fact 20

marijuanas meaning

And then the toughest drug laws in the world can be found in Southeast Asia. In Malaysia, for example, if you get caught with 200 grams approximately seven ounces of weed, you can get a death sentence.

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