Most 20 Worst Football Hooligans In The World

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The athletes, as well as,  sports represent a community or a nation and create two-side supporters among the people in the country when the games held between the same country against another community. And when the game is international, it also creates two-side supporters who support their own country. However, we want to talk about Football Holligan gans not exactly sports or games. The soccer hooliganism has first appeared in early 1960 in England, later it spread whole Europeans Countries. In the present age, football hooligans have flourished day by day. Here are some 20 Worst Football Hooligans In The World.

Here Are Most 20 Worst Football Hooligans In The World

1. Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands is the Worst Football Hooligans In The World

In the history of the popular Duch Club, there have many hooligans firms. Among the hooligans, ‘F -Side’ is maybe the most hooligans gang. However, the F – Side took part against another group of hooligan in 1997. Though the fight or battle was so strong and furious, there was only one fan died and a few injured.

2. Besiktas Istanbul, Turkey

Besiktas Istanbul, Turkey

The team Besiktas Istanbul is regarded as the rowdy and hooligans supporters base. Their competition matches against Galatasaray and Fenerbache which held worst football hooligans in the world.

3. Boca Juniors, Argentina

Boca Juniors, Argentina

The Boca Juniors against the River Plate is repeatedly dubbed the huge Football game in the world. It separates Argentina as much as Peronism. Tradition, honor, history, and class are all parts that make it one of the most disputed matches in the history of club football, both on and off the pitch. Apart from fighting against the opponent’s fans, the Boca Juniors’ supporters can also create a great environment at the stadium.

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4. Dynamo Dresden, Germany

Dynamo Dresden, Germany

In German, there have no enough hooligans like other European countries. A few of Hooligans firms existence here. The Ultras Dynamo is one of the popular them. There are more than hundreds of active members are available in the groups.

5. Dynamo Zagreb, Croatia

Dynamo Zagreb, Croatia

The Bad Blue Boys belongs to the worst soccer hooligan groups in Europe. They are also known for their vocal and physical pressure at soccer matches. The aggressive of the group has hundreds of members who fight with any enemy firm but their biggest opponents are hooligans of the Red Star Belgrade.

6. FC Barcelona, Spain

FC Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most famous Football teams worldwide with more than twelve of millions of fans all over the world. But when it comes to hooligan firms, they also have few fans. The most popular and scared is called Boixos Nois. Some of its members have even been condemned for death threats, murders, illegal firearms ownership, blackmail, and drug trafficking.

7. Flamengo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Flamengo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the Worst Football Hooligans In The World

Have you ever heard the name of “Torcida Jovem-Fla? It is hooligans firm of the Flamengo Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The club has more than 40 million supporters all over the world. In 1963, about 195000 spectators witnessed the match held between Fluminense vs Flamengo.

8. Galatasaray Istanbul, Turkey

Galatasaray Istanbul, Turkey

Galatasaray is one of the most famous Turkish hooligans. Their matches against their city opponent Fenerbahce are among the worst football hooligans in the Football world. Two years ago, the Galatasaray hooligans attacked the players of the opponent team.

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9. Glasgow Rangers, Scotland

Glasgow Rangers, Scotland

Glasgow Rangers fans are popular for their extream rivalry with the city rivals Celtic. In 2008, their favorite team played the UEFA Cup final against St. Petersburg in Manchester and probably 100,000 of the Rangers supporters traveled with them. There were biggest clashes outside the stadium and on the inside, even one Russian supporter got stabbed inside the stadium.

10. Lazio Roma, Italy

Lazio Roma, Italy

Its main hooligan firm is called Irriducibili which is one of the most crucial in Italy. Notorious for its fascist attitudes, the group even influences the transfer policy of the team and sometimes meets face to face with less performing players or athletes.

11. Manchester United, England

Manchester United, England

The Red Army is one of the oldest and most popular hooligan firms in Manchester United. Activities of them, as well as the English hooliganism in general, have failed since the late 1980’s when the Red Army was at its summit.

12. Millwall FC, England

Millwall FC , England

The Football team is actually known only thanks to its violent supporters. Their extreme oppositions with West Ham United has even inspired several movies, one of them being ‘The Green Street Hooligans’ with Elijah Wood. The motto of them was ‘Nobody likes us, we don’t care’. It is well known among many other football fans.

13. Panathinaikos Athens, Greece

Panathinaikos Athens, Greece

Panathinaikos Athens’s supporter, not all a few supporters, is considered as one of the burning and rowdies in the history of Athens Football club. The most scared of Panathinaikos’s Football Hooligans Firms is “Gate 13”. The same group is also fans of the Basketball team.

14. Red Star Belgrade, Serbia

Red Star Belgrade, Serbia

Fans of the Red Star Belgrade are one of the most frightening reputations in the Europe countries. Do you know, there are numerous hooligan within the Red Star including Zulu Warriors and Belgrade Boys.

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15. Slask Wroclaw, Poland

Slask Wroclaw, Poland

The Polish hooligans are sometimes regarded as the worst football hooligans in the world and sometimes making friendly alliances. The battle of Wroclaw allied with Gdansk and Wisla Cracow against Gdynia, Poznan and Cracowia Cracow in 2003 that turned out to be one of the biggest hooligan fights in history. 229 rougher got arrested and one was killed.

16. Sparta Prague, Czech Republic

Sparta Prague, Czech Republic

Slavia Prague is one of the brutal and crucial hooligans among the Prague Boys, Sparta Young and Falanga in the history of Czech Fallbal Club. When Slavia Prague played against another club, the matches have been secured by more than hundreds of policeman.

17. Spartak Moscow, Russia

Spartak Moscow, Russia

Spartak Moscow is one of the earliest firms in Russia is Spartak’s Gladiators who were established in 1996. The battle of them is against St. Petersburg’s rougher in 2005 was one of the worst football hooligans in the world with over two hundred fighters on each side.

18. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia is the Worst Football Hooligans In The World

The Supporters of the Moscow teams CSKA and Spartak, the most brutal Football Supporters in Russia. The major hooligan group of St. Petersburg. Though it has a seemingly innocent name Music Hall, The members of them are highly fighters.

19. West Ham United, England

West Ham United, England

Do you know where the hooligans started? The first hooligans start from test Ham United. Though it was an intercity firm in the first, now it is regarded as the first organized group forever. The fight of the Millwall fans became infamous.

20. Wisla Cracow, Poland

Wisla Cracow, Poland

The rowdies of the Wisla Cracow are one of the most crucial and burning. The fight or rivalry against the other rowdies is most brutal in Europe’s history. It is a matter of great sorrow that the result of the fights in huge death casualties sometimes.

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