Top 20 Doctor Who Villains

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Doctor Who’s adversaries have instilled fear in many a person’s hearts – from the cold Cybermen to the stoic Great Intelligence, Doctor Who’s villains have kept our favorite Time Lord on his toes. Since this BBC series has been around for over 50 years, the characters have changed quite a bit.

Here we compare villains from classic Who (1963-1989) and current Who (2005-present) and any which have undergone redesigns within their own eras. Check out our list of 25 Doctor Who villains classic and current.

1. Autons


Controlled by our next Doctor Who villain, the Autons are mannequins controlled remotely by the…

2. Borusa


Borusa, the Doctor’s old teacher, is the only Time Lord with more incarnations than Doctor Who and the Master.

3. Borusa’s other two

Borusa's other two

Borusa’s other two incarnations, he hasn’t been seen since the Pete Davison era.

4. Cyber-controller


The director of Cybermen at any one time – and not to be confused with the Cyber Commander – the Cyber Controller is a Doctor Who villain who has only faced Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker.

5. Cyberman


Minions of the Cybermen, Cybermats don’t always accompany Cybermen, but they have for Troughton, Baker, and Smith.

6. Cybermen


The Cybermen are legends as Doctor Who villains. These are their first two incarnations, dating all the way back to 1966.

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7. Dalek Supreme

Dalek Supreme

The ruler of the Daleks, Dalek Supreme has been bested by all of our favorite Time Lords except McGann, Eccleston, and Smith.

8. Great Intelligence

Great Intelligence

A body-less Doctor Who villain, the Great Intelligence would take the form of control balls (left) when not inhabiting another body. These images are from the second and eleventh Doctor.

9. Hoix


Strictly facing the rebooted Doctors, the Hoix took on both David Tennant and Matt Smith.

10. Ice Warriors

Ice Warriors

A fearsome warrior and villain, the Ice Warrior has fought Doctors Troughton, Pertwee, and, in a terrifying submarine episode, Matt Smith.

11. Judoon


The Judoon have a longer history than you may realize. Either way, Matt Smith definitely wouldn’t have wanted to take them on alone in The Pandorica Opens episode.

12. Macra


You might want to skip over the Macra as a seafood snack as it might bite back. The Macra has appeared with both Troughton and Tennant.

13. Nestene Consciousness

Nestene Consciousness

The rebooted Doctor’s first adversary, the Nestene Consciousness first appeared in 1970 to take on Jon Pertwee.

14. Omega


Omega went through quite a massive redesign as a Doctor Who villain but was phased out in 1983.

15. Ood


Whoever thought up the Ood must have been a costume expert. Making their first appearance against David Tennant, they haven’t been since going up against Matt Smith. Maybe Capaldi will change that.

16. Rassilon


A fearsome Time Lord with a temper, Rassilon first appeared in the episode The Five Doctors in 1983.

17. Sea Devils

Sea Devils

We’re bummed the Sea Devils didn’t make more appearances! They only confronted the third and fifth Doctors.

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18. Silurians


Later joining the Doctors side (well, sort of with Madame Vastra), the Silurians first appeared in 1970 and turned into a friend many Doctors later.

19. Yeti


Servants of #9 on our list, the Yeti was initially created to counterbalance the Cybermen as major villains, but unlike the Cybermen, they haven’t been seen since the Peter Davison years.

20. Zygons


Only confronting two Doctors (#4 and #11), the Zygons looks more like they belong in a museum of prehistoric history.

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