20 Incredible Super Villain Renditions

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Artists have the unique opportunity to explore the darkness of the evil within facial expressions, stances and overall compositions. Do you know the activity of supervillain Black Adam?  You are in the right place to know details. Some of the most famous artists have become popular to publish their amazing arts.

Moreover, It is possible to say those comic book villains make great art subjects with their bizarre personas as well as the ravenous appetite for that is wrong. To find how menacingly awesome supervillain can truly look, here is a list of 20 incredible super villain renditions.

Here Are The 20 Incredible Super Villain Renditions

1. Apocalypse (Dave Wilkins)

Apocalypse (Dave Wilkins) super villains

How difficult would it have been for director of the comic book? It is a  fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.  This supervillain is considered as the first mutants and the main villain for the original X-Factor team. It is more than fantastic! But it looks so awesome in this rendition.

2. Bane (Saad Ifran)

Bane (Saad Ifran) super villains

Bane is a main fictional supervillain and crime boss in the Marvel Universe. Who doesn’t love to see a supervillain activity? I just want to say you how amazingly hunting this is. Somehow horrifying and man look of his bad part…its just beautiful art.

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3. Black Adam (Alex Ross)

Black Adam (Alex Ross) super villains

Black Adam is also the most powerful supervillain in the Marvel Universe. He was a corrupted ancient Egyptian predecessor of Captain Marvel. He fought the way to modern times to challenge the hero and his Marvel Family association. It is classic art by Alex Ross.

4. Bullseye (Gabriele Dell’otto)

Bullseye (Gabriele Dell’otto) super villains

Bullseye is a dangerous supervillain in American comic books published by the Marvel comics. It is known that Bullseye uses the opportunities afforded by his line of work. He is a powerful crime boss and enemy of the Punisher. This excellent concept of art implemented by famous artist Gabriele Dell’otto.

5. Carnage (Boris Vallejo)

Carnage (Boris Vallejo) super villains

Are you looking for actual fictional character appearance? Carnage is the most dangerous fictional supervillain and big boss in the Marvel Universe. This character belongs to a race of amorphous extraterrestrial bacteriae known as the symbiotes.

6. Catwoman (Artgerm)

Catwoman (Artgerm) super villains

Who doesn’t love to have fictional characters? Catwoman is a fictional character superhero bases on Dc comics character. Catwoman has the cat-like ability allowing her to become the crime-fighting superhero.

7. Darkseid (Rudy Ao)

Darkseid (Rudy Ao) super villains

A supervillain leads the main character in the fictional character. Darkseid is a powerful supervillain and big boss in the Marvel Universe. If you want to feel fear then look at this picture.

8. Deathstroke (Andy Poon)

Deathstroke (Andy Poon) super villains

Deathstroke is deemed as the most powerful supervillain and crime bosses in the Marvel Universe. Struggling more he has been ranked as the 24th biggest villain of all time by Wizard magazine.

9. Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina)

Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) super villains

Doctor Octopus is the most powerful fictional character in the Marvel Universe. He is a highly intelligent mad scientist who utilizes four powerful mechanical appendages. He is a pre-eminent enemy and ally of the superhero and Spiderman.

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10. Jean Grey Phoenix (Artgerm)

Jean Grey Phoenix (Artgerm) super villains female

Jean Grey Phoenix is the most famous fictional superhero appearing in American comic books and published by Marvel Comics. The character of the series had been known under the aliases marvel girl Phoenix. Her power first exposed when she saw her childhood friend being hit by a car on the road.

11. Juggernaut (Abject Stock)

Juggernaut (Abject Stock) super villains

Juggernaut is considered as the most powerful supervillain and crime boss in the marvel universe. The Juggernaut returned in X-Man after an initial defeat in the following issues.

12. Kingpin (Tristan Schane)

Kingpin (Tristan Schane) super villains dc

Kingpin is one of the most feared and extreme powerful crime bosses in the Marvel Universe by typically holding the position of New York City. Do you have enough idea about kingpin’s power?  In the begging of the series, he was initially an adversary of spiderman and later he becomes the arch-enemy of Daredevil. Tristan Schane is an artist can stay humble and focus only on his art.

13. Loki (Glen Angus)

Loki (Glen Angus) super villains dc

Loki is a material based fictional character supervillain and crime boss in the Marvel Universe. Glen Angus is a famous artist who implemented this one. The lighting and small details really make it pop.

14. Mr. Freeze (Tom Lishman)

Mr. Freeze (Tom Lishman) super villains dc

Freeze is one of the most famous fictional character supervillains in American comic books published by DC comics. Mr. Freeze was portrayed as one of many. Mr. Freeze was a brilliant scientist who had designed an ice gun backfires when he inadvertently spills cryogenic chemicals on himself, as a result, he was kept in sub-zero temperatures to survive.

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15. Mystique (Warren Louw)

Mystique (Warren Louw) super villains female

Joining the ranks of humans who were turned into zombies, when Mystique may not look like a zombie and doesn’t eat brains. In the end, she gets remained after being killed alongside her family. Famous artist Warren Louw who create this one.

16. Shredder (Dave Rapoza)

Shredder (Dave Rapoza) super villains movie

Perhaps, you are not missing some classic characters to see this one. The character has more human features than the shredder. This is freaking fantastic WOW! Credit goes to artist Dave Rapoza.

17. Thanos (Brad Walker)

Thanos (Brad Walker)

Thanos is the avatar of death. When Due to many reasons, the battle will only be over while one of them destroys the other. Thanos was a supervillain in the series had wonderfully covered by working together on every issue.

18. Tiger Shark (Rodolfo Migliari)

Tiger Shark (Rodolfo Migliari) super villains dc

Tiger Shark got a star turn in this issue and just typing that makes someone realize. This issue either exists as proof that every character has the potential to be a great character or quite simple. This was not great when Tiger shark carries the story.

19. Two-Face (James Zapata)

Two Face (James Zapata) super villains marvel

This is really one of your best pieces! Lighting is epic. I love this one, how you make a solid separation between both sides. It is more realistic and makes everyone feel like the evil side is a growing corruption of his psyche.

20. Venom (Dan Luvisi)

Venom (Dan Luvisi) super villains marvel

When the reason for their team-up is unremarkable in the issue. It was the time to bring him back to his roots. I missed the gross, vile and disgusting venom you all should know and love. This is more than dangerous!

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