One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Strong One Fights Back

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The very last martial arts battle ended inside the previous episode, with a long-awaited result. Now permit’s circulate directly to the monster affiliation revolution; we’re already in episode eight.


Suiryu gained the match, however only in theory. In her thoughts, she reveals herself taking into account her in shape towards Saitama. Unlike most of Saitama’s enemies (you already know, like the sexy ninja boy), his most effective intention now is to in no way see Saitama once more. There is at least one man within the complete display who can admit his loss.

Just whilst he makes a decision to take it easy any further, a group of monsters with hostages appear, and in front of them is a guy who ate monster cells, much like the guy from the previous episode. And his call is … Is Goketsu. He wants to convince the heroes to enroll in him to grow to be monsters and indicates how weak human beings are. Okay.

A guy with glasses attempts it first. It swallows a monster mobile entire and becomes relatively disgusting. What a pity. Looks like I even have an element for men with glasses, and he screwed up. Choze, the creepy man with the “ideal genes” receives rid of him and then follows in his footsteps. He receives a more outlandish monster form, much less human however much less disgusting. Some extra dull characters be a part of it. I wish these monster cells flavor correct, however, I enormously doubt it.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8

Less impressed (and with actual properly appears that he will sacrifice if he will become unpleasant muscular tissues), Suiryu asks a girl in a specially skimpy outfit to pop out, then makes a decision to combat them. How banal. And then it hits a maximum of them. He makes certain to yell out the call of his every flow when he hits Choze, which I suppose is something crucial because he likely couldn’t sleep without knowing the call of his hit. Finally, Goketsu hits him with blood.

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He breaks his hand and eventually starts to realize that he possibly cannot beat him. After an extended wait, Snek and Lightning Max team as much as help … They’ve even disguised themselves. Is it awesome powerful? No. One of the ugly martial artists eats a gaggle of monster cells and gloriously kicks everyone’s butt. Just whilst Suiryu is about to die, hitting the floor and crying for help, Saitama ultimately appears. Does anyone need to guess what befell next?

Back in the town, Watch-Dog Man shows off his competencies (that are nonetheless a thriller to us all) by means of defeating a group of monsters. Garou appears overjoyed to peer him in movement, nicely at the least he can see it! He comes to a decision to attack, however, Watch Dog Man is faster and more potent than he expected. Something to look ahead to, I bet.

That became tough

Aside from quite a few very violent fights and bloodshed, not plenty befell on this episode. I just desire we may want to see greater Saitama. I’m truly tired.

How did you discover this episode of One Punch Man? Let us recognize in the comment segment! And don’t forget to test out the relaxation of the spring 2019 anime opinions on MANGA.TOKYO!

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