20 Marvel Vs Dc Characters Comparison

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DC comic is an American’s oldest comic book publisher produce material featuring many culturally iconic heroic characters. Are you used to watching DC animated movies?  It is also deemed one of the largest and oldest book companies and generally produces material featuring many culturally iconic heroic characters. It is an entertainment part of audiences everywhere decades of characters as well as imaginary tensions between the forces of evil.

In addition to that, Marvel comic is the longtime principal competitor against DC comic. Both they have implemented an amazing entertainment world through comic enthusiast. Here is a list of 20 Best Marvel Vs Dc characters comparison.

Top 20 Marvel Vs Dc Characters Comparison

1. Batman vs. Bane

Batman vs. Bane marvel vs dc characters comparison

Most probably, it was one of the most iconic battles of Batman, held with the substance misusing Bane as well as ended with Batman’s broken back. After the battle, Bane successfully tired Batman out to the point. In the end, Bane came after the Batman who was too weakened to confront him. 

2. Batman vs. Guy Gardner

Batman vs. Guy Gardner marvel vs dc characters comparison

The green lantern guy Gardner challenged Batman to the first fight. But Guy Gardner would like to prove Batman’s ineptness to lead the new Justice League. Theoretically, it can be said that Guy Gardner ends up on the floor. Don’t worry, It is not really a battle but more of a sappy iconic moment.  

3. Batman vs. Joker

Batman vs. Joker marvel vs dc characters comparison

It is a neatly ironic battle, but it also exposes the paradox at the heard of this solo show. In this story of marvel vs dc characters, the joker hunts people and tries to make them insane but Batman stops him dramatically. Nevertheless, sometimes Batman doesn’t know the actual activities of the joker. In this particular issue, Batman laughs with the Joker. 

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4. Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul

Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul marvel vs dc characters comparison

Batman collaborated with a researcher who had worked with Ra’s to prevent Ra’s from releasing the dangerous plague after the identity of Matches Malone.  In the long run Batman and Ra,s had a duel in the desert which Batman would have won however in the middle of the battling, a scorpion stung Batman particularly killing him. But the daughter of Ghul overcome Batman by her love and gives Batman a prophylactic.  

5. Batman, Nightwing, Damian vs. The Heretic

Batman, Nightwing, Damian vs. The Heretic marvel vs dc characters list

Batman fights in the simulation and sometimes perpetrates his much-converted goal to join by the robin and Nightwing. Giving level best effort, Bruce could have saved his son by undergoing a simulation repeatedly.    

6. Flash vs. Professor Zoom

Flash vs. Professor Zoom marvel vs dc characters list

Professor Zoom is a famous scientist who has the capability to get to the speed force. Sadly, He disguises himself as the flash in this story and professes to be Barry Allen ( to the point of trusting that he, in reality, was Barry Allen). Nonetheless, Professor Zoom is an evil personality, dominates in the long run and sets him against Wally West who holds onto his roles as the flash as well as at the last stops Zoom. 

7. Golden Age Heroes vs. Dynaman

Golden Age Heroes vs. Dynaman marvel vs dc characters list

Enjoy this battle between the Golden Age and Dynaman. At the beginning of the between marvel Vs dc characters comparison, Thompson used his mind-transfer abilities to put someone else sensation in the body of Dynaman. He was possessed by the ultra-humanity when Dynaman already started the fight. They had to converge to find out the Golden Age Heroes. Lastly, Dynaman was taken down but many lives were lost through this battle.

8. Justice League vs. Hyper clan

Justice League vs. Hyperclan marvel vs dc characters list

In this story, the Justice League was stuck in an unfortunate situation when Superman was captured and held under kryptonite control. Thanks a lot for Batman breaking into the Hyperclan’s layer ( later uncovered to write Martians)  the Hyper clan soundly defeated and the man of steel was liberated. 

9. Legion of Superheroes vs. The Forces of Darkseid

Legion of Superheroes vs. The Forces of Darkseid marvel vs dc characters list

It is one of the complex and riveting stories when the fight starts between the legion of the Superheroes and the Force of Darkseid in the Great Darkness sage. Do you know when the battle starts between them? This battle started when Legion learned that dark beings were reverse-colonies of powerful beings like Superman and the Guardian of the Universe. But the Legion was not satisfied and he started fighting against the brainwashed Daxamites through the help of Highfather. 

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10. Superboy-Prime vs. Superboy

Superboy Prime vs. Superboy marvel vs dc characters list

Although superboy prime was not enough powerful, on the other hand, Conner was able to exchange blows with the villain. Eventually, Conner can make him crash into a tower that was the key to Luthor’s plan. At a time Conner breaks into Lither’s headquarters with wonder woman and Nightwing where eventually they faced superboy prime.

11. Superboy-Prime vs. Superman

Superboy Prime vs. Superman marvel vs dc who would win

In this story, the Green Lantern Corps tried to stop Superboy prime when he came to destroy Oa. As per marvel vs dc characters comparison, the other two supermans, Kal-el and Kal-L who were all powerless and resorted to a first fight. Besides,  Kal-el and Kal-L showed up and hauled prime to the red sun of Krypton for a duel. On the other hand, Kal-el prevailing with regards to putting the kibosh to prime but Kal-L died due to the wounds that he sustained during the battle. 

12. Superboy-Prime vs. Teen Titans

Superboy Prime vs. Teen Titans marvel vs dc who would win

It is really an amazing character implemented by the Superboy prime vs. Teen Titans. A superhero who turned into a supervillain from another multiverse as well as he went to the home of Jonathan and Martha Kent to try and making some real sense of the DC world. Superhero engages conner in battle after meeting conner kent and getting an ugly interaction from him.

Although Teen Titans and alliance of the flashes they were little then superboy prime, they have enough power to defeat Superboy prime by dragging him into the speed force. Enjoy this fighting character.

13. Supergirl vs. Anti-Monitor

Supergirl vs. Anti-Monitor marvel vs dc who would win

Supergirl always fought against Anti-Monitor to let the rest of the heroes escape and save their lives. Anti-Monitor would force Supergirl who had not enough power to defeat him. In the end, Supergirl died in the ensuing war sadly.    

14. Superman Prime vs. Ion

Superman Prime vs. Ion marvel vs dc who would win

Like to do marvel vs dc characters Comparison? Here you can see, the most powerful green lantern of them all for stopping superman prime from coming back to earth.  Daxamite Green Lathern Sodam Yat confronted the villainous Superman prime to confirm in an epic as well as the destructive brawl. Finally, the green lantern lost his power.  

15. Superman vs. Doomsday

Superman vs. Doomsday marvel vs dc who would win

It is one of the most popular characters named Superman vs. Doomsday. This picture makes the hero and the villain reached Metropolis and fisticuffing each other viciously. In the end, the creature was defeated at the cost of Superman’s life. It is an immortal harbinger of death and destruction, also known as doomsday war the justice league of America and almost vanished them leaving Superman to face the creature alone.

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16. Superman vs. Lex Luthor

Superman vs. Lex Luthor top dc and marvel characters

The superhero is almost powerless but the supervillain is able to gain the powers of Superman. On the other hand, the superhero has a gravity gun. Using the gravity gun, Superman is able to wrap the time around Lex Luthor. By using super formula, Superman acquires powers again from the supervillain Lex Luthor. Lastly, Superman gains enough power to beat Luther Before dying himself. 

17. Superman vs. Mongul

Superman vs. Mongul top dc and marvel characters

Did you participate in Superman’s birthday? During superman’s birthday Batman, Wonder Woman and Robin decide they will go there as special guests. However, the villainous Mongul was the most powerful and he reaches first and wished Superman by the Lotus flower. This flower was very dangerous and damaged their happiest fantasy. Moreover, Superman was able to fight off the lotus. In the end, Superman replays Mongul’s gift with his handful.

18. Superman vs. The Elite

Superman vs. The Elite spiderman dc or marvel

In the story, when superman’s ways are becoming to be out-dated and people are clamoring for the death of supervillains. Using modern technics, the Elite tried to die superman but he couldn’t and then the Elite tried again to find what Superman can’t or can.

19. Wonder Woman vs. Mind-Controlled Superman

Wonder Woman vs. Mind-Controlled Superman spiderman dc or marvel

In order to stop superman’s fighting wonder woman resorts to the last measure and kills Lord. In addition to that, when the superman is successfully taken over by the likes of Lord, wonder woman has to fight the man of steel to save Batman’s life.  

20. Wonder Woman, Orion, War vs. First Born

Wonder Woman, Orion, War vs. First Born dc vs marvel argument

Wonder woman was a firstborn child of Zeus and Hera. In most of the cases, wonder woman confronts the likes of Orion, war creating a cataclysmic battle that leaves wonder woman ignorant. Orion soundly defeated and war at first born’s mercy. However, this scenario proved what has been labeled as one of the most agitated scenes in the wonder woman spreads. In the end, the war was killed by wonder woman hands. 

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