Magi Season 3 Release Date: Here’S What We Know

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Want to recognize more about the Magi Season three launch date? If so, examine the right post! Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a famous Japanese fantasy anime collection developed from the manga collection.

Written and designed by way of Shinobu Ohtaka, this collection first aired on July 3, 2009. The final volume on this collection changed into published some years later on October eleven, 2017. Within some years of its first release, this series changed into decided on for an anime television collection. The first season of this series aired on October 7, 2012, and changed into fairly popular due to its shape and content material.

Because of this massive recognition, the series changed into extended for a second season. This season aired on October 6, 2013, and turned into similarly popular. Since the beginning of the second collection, enthusiasts have been ready eagerly for a 3rd a part of the display.


As noted, the second one season of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic premiered in 2013. Several years have handed because then, however, we’ve no longer acquired any insight into applicable developments.

The handiest semi-applicable incident changed into the published of a spin-off show called Magi: Adventure of Sindbad. This display was released in 2016 and turned into a prequel to our authentic collection. In 3 lengthy years, we haven’t heard of the brand new traits.

Although there was no update for the third season, the lovers are pretty positive given the published of the prequel. Since that prequel, they may be assured that the makers may also introduce a new season.

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According to most enterprise insiders, the third season of this collection may be released between 2021 and 2022. We will hold you informed and tell you at once if we study of a selected date.


Magi Season 3

The events that take vicinity in both the first and 2d seasons of Magi come from the well-known Middle Eastern people memories referred to as Arabian Nights. When it comes to chronology, each the Labyrinth and the Kingdom of Kings show up nearly after the path of occasions inside the collection’ prequel.

As you have got already guessed from the call, this display takes area in a totally mysterious global where buildings referred to as dungeons had been constructed fifteen years ago. Immediately after the dungeons started out, extra than hundreds of armies and journey enthusiasts attempted to conquer them.

Why? Because of the tremendous force with which they got here. Yes, it’s far vital to word that every dungeon turned into endowed with many powers and valuable treasures. Unfortunately, even though many human beings tried, nearly all of them failed. In reality, the folks who entered the dungeons had been not seen once more.

With this in thoughts, Sindbad becomes taken into consideration the primary guy to overcome these dungeons nearly 15 years in the past. If you watch the show you may examine that most effective the magicians or the alleged magicians had been allowed to enter and subsequently overcome those dungeons.

Although the prequel specializes in Sindbad and his adventures while those dungeons were now not yet conquered, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic occurs almost 15 years after the conquests of Sindbad. This collection makes a specialty of some other younger magician named Aladdin. Trapped in a small room for several years, Aladdin sooner or later has a danger to getaway.

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He is young, friendly, and fully influenced to explore the world. In this look for the invisible, he’s supported with the aid of a gin that courses him via the adventure.


While this display has numerous principal characters, we are going to listing the primary ones here.

  • Aladdin: As one of the primary characters at the show, Aladdin is one of the five magi’s nevertheless alive in our world. It seems to be extraordinarily powerful and capable of combine several varieties of magic to defeat the strongest forces on the planet.
  • Alibaba: Alibaba is a 17-yr-old merchant with whom Aladdin met on his experience. While to start with cunning and greedily slicing off, Alibaba ultimately proves to be a faithful buddy who would go away absolutely everyone

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