20 List Of Breakable World Records

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Most of the common people’s expression we can’t see normally. From farthest eyeball popper to the tallest mohawks these are 20 List Of Breakable World Records.

Here Are The 20 List Of Easy World Records

1. Farthest eyeball popper

Farthest eyeball popper

Kim Goodman a woman of the USA is able to pop her eyeballs approximately half an inch out of her eye sockets.

2. Fastest time to eat a raw onion

Fastest time to eat a raw onion Easy World Records

Brian Duffield, an Englishman who did breakable world record to eat a whole onion in one and a half minutes.

3. Heaviest car balanced on head

Heaviest car balanced on head List Of Breakable World Records

John Evans holds the Guinness world record for balancing the heaviest car on one’s head. The weight was 352 pounds and he held it on his head for 33 seconds.

4. Heaviest rideable bicycle

Heaviest rideable bicycle Easy World Records

Wouter Van Den Bosch, a Dutchman built this heaviest bike. It weighs only 750 kg.

5. Largest biceps

Largest biceps

Can you imagine who the owner of the largest biceps in the world? Well, it is Egytional Mostafa Ismail. The diameter of his biceps is only 67 inches.

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6. Largest card stacking structure

Largest card stacking structure Easy World Records

An American professional card stacker, Bryan Berg, made an Eiffel Tower with 75,000 cards in 2013, considered it’s a breakable world record in history.

7. Largest drum set

Largest drum set

An American, Dr. Mark Temperato, is the owner of the world’s largest drum set and it has only 340 pieces!

8. Largest sandwich

Largest sandwich List Of Breakable World Records

It was prepared in Mexico City in 2004. Its weight was only 3,178 kg.

9. Longest cigar

Longest cigar Easy World Records

It is astounding that a cigar can be as long as a football field. Well, we are talking about the world’s longest cigar which is only 81.8 meters long.

10. Most balls juggled

Most balls juggled

You have seen juggling. How many balls a juggler can juggle at a time? Alex Barron, An Englishman could do it with 11 balls for 23 consecutive catches.

11. Most chess games played at one time

Most chess games played at one time

Persian Grand Master Esan Ghaem-Maghami took part in 604 games simultaneously and he won 580 of them. The great breakable world record that happened in 2011.

12. Most people hula hooping

Most people hula hooping Easy World Records

At the above picture about 4483 Thai people took part in hula hooping. In 2013, just outside of Bangkok they hula hooped for 7 minutes.

13. Most rattlesnakes bathed with

Most rattlesnakes bathed with

Jackie Bibby who is also known as the Texas Snake Man spent with 87 snakes in a bathtub for about 45 minutes.

14. Most spoons on body

Most spoons on body

Etibar Elchiyev adorned his upper part by balancing 53 spoons. It happened in 2013 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

15. Most violins played

Most violins played Easy World Records

How many violins can you play at a time? two? – Impossible but Oleksander Bozhyk from Ukraine played 4 violins at a time and established the breakable world record in the world. It was 2012.

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16. Snow Endurance

Snow Endurance

It’s impossible to stay in the snow for a long time. But Jin Songhao made this impossible task possible. He spent 46 minutes  7 seconds buried up to his chest in snow.

17. Stretchiest skin

Stretchiest skin List Of Breakable World Records

An Englishman Gary Turner can stretch his skin more than 6 inches.

18. Tallest horse

Tallest horse Easy World Records

Big Jake from Wisconsin is the world’s tallest horse. How tall it is? Only 210 cm or 82.75 inch.

19. Tallest lego tower

Tallest lego tower
A tower built in front of Oslo’s city hall in 2010 measured 30.22 meters.

20. Tallest Mohawk

Tallest mohawk Easy World Records

Japanese fashion designer Kazuhiro Watanabe owns the world’s tallest mohawk. It is only 3 feet 8 inches tall.

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