Top 20 Harry Potter Facts You Didn’t Know

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Who does not know the story of Harry Potter? But today we are going to talk about the behind scenes and what went down while shooting this series!

It was J.K Rowling who write the most read book series in the world and that is why we have this epic series. We will discuss some facts about the series.

Today in this article these 20 Harry Potter facts you didn’t know, will give a glimpse of the making of this popular series.

So, why getting late? let’s be nostalgic about those days when all of us used to read this book and remember those days.

This will bring you ultimate joy and we are sure that you could relate these with your gold old days!

Here Are Top 20 Harry Potter Facts You Didn’t Know

1. A Hairy Situation

A Hairy Situation harry potter facts you didn't know

Robbie Coltrane, the actor who has been performing as Hagrid, has captured a mini-fan base with his mighty beard and a fruit bat. Wait, that guy who played an important part in the series might remember you.

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2. An Interesting Audition

An Interesting Audition harry potter facts you didn't know

You must know Grint of Rupert! Who was dressed as his teacher of drama and rapped for his audition tape on Ron Weasley? “Hello, my name is Rupert Grint, I hope you don’t believe I’ll stink.”

3. Badass Bandit

Badass Bandit harry potter facts you didn't know

This is the concept for the tattoos of Sirius Black. Which came from the Russian prison gangs! And the signs make the individual a fearful and admiring individual based on harry potter facts. Isn’t that something exciting?

4. Botanical Inspiration

Botanical Inspiration harry potter facts you didn't know

In his books, J.k Rowling said the inspiration, “Hogwarts,” of the name of the plant she witnessed in the New York City’s Kew Gardens. And so was the name of Plant a component of a well-known film.

5. Coincidence

Coincidence 100 harry potter facts you didn't know

You know, the birthday of Harry is on 31 July 1980. The birthday of Rowling is July 31st as well – but 1966. Perhaps she wanted her hero to be classed as the same root. Although this is often said in other novels as Harry Porter is concerned, it had to be said.

6. Harry And Hermione Sittin’ In A Tree…

Harry And Hermione Sittin’ In A Tree… 100 harry potter facts you didn't know

In the final movie, Rupert Grint was separated from the set to laugh too much in this kissing scene between Harry and Hermione! It’s too funny-harry potter facts and it’s not the only one, it occurred several times

7. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named things you didn't know about harry potter movies

Popular conviction is that ‘t’ is silent at the end of Voldemort. The French meaning “flight of death” comes from the title. It is so frightening, what do you say? And Voldemort also looked very scared.

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8. Impressive

Impressive everything you need to know about harry potter

You know, Harry Potter’s best impression is that J.K. Rowling is the first individual to be a millionaire by writing books ( millionaire as on U.S. dollars). So, what do you plan to do? Count me in whatever it is!

9. J.K. – Just Kidding!

J.K. – Just Kidding! harry potter facts about the characters

You understand that Rowling’s publisher proposed that she use initials in order to appeal to masculine readers rather than her true name, Joanne Rowling. Then she decided J.K. to borrow “K” from the name of Kathleen, her grandmother.

10. Kiss Of Death

Kiss Of Death harry potter facts about the characters

Are you aware of Dementors? The lethal fantasies of Rowling’s fight with the disease, the Azkaban Prison, depict depression. To discover these personalities, Rowling had one tale.

11. Mischief Managed

Mischief Managed harry potter facts for kids

Tom Felton’s Hogwarts coats had their pockets stitched off during the shooting of the “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” as he continued to avoid food on the screen. It’s funny and unpleasant! A real harry potter facts you didn’t know, however.

12. Nice Try

Nice Try harry potter facts for kids

This guy was Tom Felton for Harry Potter’s and Ron Weasley’s roles but was then selected to play Draco Malfoy! So, what’s this going to say? In addition, this function seems to be perfectly suited.

13. Oldie But Goodie

Oldie But Goodie 200 harry potter facts

At the moment “Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber” was filmed this actress who was playing as Moaning Myrtle. And she’s the oldest actress ever to depict a student of Hogwarts.

14. Overachiever

Overachiever sad harry potter facts

You understand, J.K. Do you understand. Rowling Hermione in the same era, a slightly 11-years-old? So she produced her favorite otter, Hermione’s Patronus. That’s funny, have you any other hobbies?

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15. Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth sad harry potter facts

We all see that Ron Weasley’s character swore a lot originally, but the odd thing is that Rowling’s publisher doesn’t allow her to use that kind of language, because that would be unfit for young readers!

16. Second Year Itch

Second Year Itch harry potter things you never noticed

This is a rather interesting harry potter facts, lice outbreak among the kids cast during “Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber.”!

17. Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert harry potter things you never noticed

This is Alan Rickman who knew the destiny of his character only before “Harry Potter and the deadly hallows” were released because Rowling told him it was the only actor who performed Professor Snape.

18. Taking Flight

Taking Flight harry potter things you never noticed

Funny, one of the flying cars that were used in “Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber” was stolen. After that, the police were informed of its location by an anonymous caller, 7 months later.

19. Whoa

Whoa sad harry potter facts

It’s really hard to believe. Out of over 400 million Harry Potter books sold globally in 67 languages since 2008! This is a large number and the film was also popular. A 90s child who hasn’t seen this novel can’t be found anywhere. What about you, have you seen this?

20. Trophy Witch

Trophy Witch sad harry potter facts

In Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone McGonagall has been listed on a Quidditch trophy. Do you believe that Professor McGonagall was a famous Quidditch player in the day? This certainly would explain her sporting enthusiasm.

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