Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Calendar Guide – Roadmap, Exotic Quest Dates

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The debut season for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep can be over, but Bungie is lower back with its first follow-up. The Season of Dawn begins on December 10th with a brand new Matchmade pastime for 6 gamers, new uncommon quests, seasonal artifacts and plenty more. It’s going to be a busy iciness for Guardians anywhere. Buckle up! Or alternatively, do not channel Saint-14 with the aid of head-hitting all your enemies rather.

Bungie simply launched a calendar that lists all of these interesting new occasions and while to begin. So keep the subsequent in thoughts when planning a marriage or excursion in the near destiny.

When does the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn start?

The Dawn season starts December tenth. It’s no longer until the subsequent week that matters without a doubt start to increase. On December 17th, a few obelisks will seem on Nessus and EDZ. These are to be had to all gamers. Season Pass owners get a new Sundial Chef in Ozletc, the Sky Piercer. This is also while the assignment to rescue Saint-14 starts.

Then what?

After that, a (usually) weekly trickle of recent content material leads the tower via December to February.

10th of December:
1. The sundial PVE mode
2. Niruul, The Hollow Voice Boss
3. Lantern of the seasonal artifact of Osiris
4. Solar subclass replace
5. Elimination PVP mode
6. Rusted Lands PVP Map
7. Tangled shore and Mars obelisks
December 17th:
1. Obelisks from Nessus and EDZ
2. The sundial: Ozletc, The Sky Piercer
3. Save a legend

Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn

December seventeenth – January 14th:
1. The morning
24th of December:
1. Iron banner
2. The sundial: Tazaroc, the solar eater
January 7th:
1. Legend of the sundial
2. Exotic Quest: The Devil’s Ruin
January 28th:
1. Exotic seek: bastion
February 4th:
1. Empyrean Foundation
2. The sundial: Inotam, Oblivion’s Trinity
February 11th – February 18th:
1.Carimson days

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Let them recognise that the brand new bosses of the sundial, the quest Saint-14, the sundial of legend, and the individual quests Devil’s Ruin and Bastion require the Season Pass. The Obelisks from Nessus and EDZ, The Dawning, Iron Banner and Crimson Days are to be had to all Destiny 2 players in addition to the Empyrean Foundation, no matter how their price tag is stamped.

When the season starts on December tenth, the whole thing can be available to all players besides the special sundial. That manner absolutely everyone can revel in the Solar Subclass Update, the new Elimination PVP mode, the Rusted Lands Crucible map, and the Obelisks on Tangled Shore and Mars. We absolutely have no concept what those obelisks imply, but we’re going to replace you as quickly as we have details.

What season of the year comes after sunrise?

We do now not realize yet! But we do realize that when Season of Dawn there may be seasons that Bungie previously categorized as spring and summer time seasons. (We are sure they’ll receive fancy lore names as introduced next 12 months.) Each season will be given its own Premium Pass that offers get admission to to new activities, new exotic system and new Universal Ornament cosmetics Goodies for those who want to save. Basically, anticipate extra of what you have visible this season.

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