Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With [Crazy Patient Stories]

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We are not sure how stupid patients! you have to persist to build your activities better than a doctor. But we are doing well at present. You have to do fantastic than dram stupid. People do not know how to work the human body properly, the doctors can not adequate credit, sometimes not getting actual answers from dumbest patients. Do you know a doctor can save your life?  Doctors are very sharp to care on every patient when anyone feels illness and they take action immediately, we owe them. Due to some people, the doctor faces an extreme problem by which doctors are forced to leave from their job. There are 20 doctors harassment that you do not know.

Here Are The 20 Crazy Patient Stories


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-1

A man who was in heart attack problem but the patient did not know how to feel the heart attack and came to the doctor chamber to check his heart. Doctor asked him that if he had felt any pain in his chest. The patient no, and he did not ever smoke . The doctor again asked him. Are you ok? The patient replied I am fully damaged by my heart attack, how funny!


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-2 Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With

One couple came to the doctor for checking their baby is 8 months old. A red color bottle filled by fresh water in their baby’s hand. They were very excited to know that looked like dander something. They started explaining and It should not be giving the baby. During that time the doctor was shocked and said Oh! that is not polluted water, it’s pure water but red bottle! Everybody loves it.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-3

Due to dumbest patients, the doctors are facing a lot of problems. The patients do not know where they will go to get proper treatment. How funny! A patient went to eyes specialist doctor for the eating problem.

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Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-4 crazy patient stories

A woman came to the doctor, she was extremely upset about her pregnancy, and told the doctor presently I am on the pill, she does not understand how it is possible? She is crying when the doctor said how many times you took the pill in a month she replied one time in a month!


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-5

An old man came to test diabetes which is very dangerous for an old man because they can not run properly. He just keeps nodding and agreeing with the doctor. When the doctor asked questions whats process have to maintain, but never possible by him to do.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-6

The patient who is very sensitive to her beauty but she likes shoving in the nose by her hand’s finger. When he came to the doctor during that time she was in the same activity. Amusing!! The patient she was usually talking I am not dirty I am the highly clean girl. My problem is stomach upset, I think everybody touching me it can happen for my problem.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-7 crazy patient stories

Mom is very worried about her children. One day a mom who brought Halloween candy because of her kid was the stomach problem. In the middle time of the exam, mom was very upset to feed Halloween candy even she enters in the exam hall finally she feeds candy her kid to control stomach upset.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-8

One day in my chamber, a gentlewoman came to the counter request a refill for her birth control. I tensioned up her profile and realizing I could not find the cause, she just took  20-days pill  2 weeks before. When I asked what happened, she answered she was out of control. Probably, both she and her boyfriend took the same pill. The question was how she prevents her pregnancy.

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Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-9

One day a gentleman came to the hospital for ear pain treatment, unbelievable! he was blind and ear soundless. Entering the doctor chamber he told the doctor you have to help me do you have any problems? The doctor said this is my duty you have to share problems with me the patient was very heated just listening to the doctor’s talk and replied you are undisciplined something wrong with me.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-10

One day a young girl 20 years old came to the doctor to check her pregnancy but she was no idea how to make pregnancy even did not know when having sex for pregnancy. After having a long journey she felt the giddy head and perceive she is pregnant!


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-11 crazy patient stories

A gentlewoman about 30 years old came to the doctor around 8 pm with her two daughters one looking at a 7 to 8-year-old  mom said to the doctor I have another baby looking at 3 years old both babies skin are same softness. Do you know how to burn my little baby’s skin? And what happened during that time and please give the suggestion for curing her face immediately.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-12 crazy patient stories

Some dump patients they do not know where they will go to take proper treatment. one of the patients who has been having back pain for 15 days and he went to eyes hospital to get treatment.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-13 crazy patient stories

Mother of the cute baby came to the doctor, just reaching in front of doctor she said I had an asthma problem when I was a child.This is because my baby is suffering from yesterday. After reaching to hospital her lovely 6 years old baby admitted to ICU.

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Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-14

A physician told me this one-16 years old boy presented with an excessive swollen discovered penis. Initially, he has been using his mom’s insulin needles to draw blood out of his arm and inject into his penis. He discovered that blood would help increases big size.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-15

People who have no ideas about the hospital, it can happen like this. Their thinking is like 100 years back. One person means worse intention about the hospital but he works in a dirty environment.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-16 crazy patient stories

Well, the person loves more his cat but when a cat feels allergy problem then he goes to man’s doctor for treatment cat. And the doctor suggests buying an inhaler but the cat did not cure he come a week back the doctor asks how you used inhaler he rapidly told I sprayed inhaler on his cat.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-17

The patient was not interested to have any vaccines she does not want her daughter just scaring a little needle poking.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-18

The doctor suggested not to drink before his 3 years old daughter but the man felt this is not an extreme fact I was hungry.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-19 crazy patient stories

The patient was in diabetes problem she tried to remove this disorders from her body. The doctor provided the daily routine but she was not interested and she said Jesus will heal it to me. The doctor feels, like the mother and said this is your maggots it’s your food but she wants to sweet food.


Dumbest Patients Doctors Have To Deal With-20

The woman she measured her baby’s temperature by pre-heating. She came to the doctor with her baby and told I have measured temperature accurate 250 degrees!! please give medicine.


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