Creepy Things To Ask Siri With Answers

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If you own an iPhone, you must be known with Siri. You are familiar with how great she can be too. She can almost answer all the things you want to know. At the end of the day, you can find all your answers to your phone and there will be a virtual assistant named Siri. As there is a lot of users of iPhone, there must be a lot of questions for Siri to face.

There is a lot of awkward question that Siri face on a daily basis and there is a lot of funny and savage answers too! can’t you see a clear picture? Here we have arranged 20 crazy questions to Siri and her sarcastic answers. Let’s have a look at this.

Here Are 20 Creepy Things To Ask Siri With Answers

1. Baby Store

1 funny things to ask siri ios  Baby Store

If you have a curiosity that where dows babies come from, then Siri can find baby stores nearby you!

2. Friendship

2 Friendship funny things to ask siri ios

What about to find a friend, then be committed as a friend and finally denying the friendship?

3. Crime Partner

3 Crime Partner things to ask siri to make her mad

How about to get Siri as your crime partner? You can get suggestions even where to hide body and Siri will be there for you with appropriate answers.

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4. Savage

4 things to ask siri to make her mad

Siri is a highly trained brilliant virtual assistant and she would definitely find some answers for your stupid question. You can try this!

5. Emergency Case

5 funny things to ask siri for kids

What about to knock Siri in a case of nature calling? you can see the results above. Now you decide whether you should go with her or not.

6. Intelligence

6 what should i ask siri at 3am

If you are an intelligent person then why not Siri? You can try with this, just ask something intelligent to Siri and she would probably come up with an appropriate answer that you might not expect!

7. A Blurry Answer

7 what should i ask siri at 3am

Sometimes you can get confused with what Siri is saying with an easy question. You can see the image of asking her what color she fond of and she comes with a confusing answer.

8. Being tired

8 what should i ask siri at 3am Being tired

Are you tired? Siri is assuming that you might be driving and if you are not then just put down your mobile data and let Siri be.

9. A perfect friend

9 A perfect friend

Do you want to do a crime? Then have an iPhone and just share your willings with Siri, she would definitely give you some workable answers.

10. Your Partner in violation

10 Your Partner in violation what not to ask siri at 3am

Do you want to do a crime? Then have an iPhone and just share your willings with Siri, she would definitely give you some workable answers.

11. Life on App

11 Life on App

Probably you are frustrated about your life and ask Siri about the meaning of life and she suggests an app. How would you feel then?

12. A Practical Answer

scary things to ask siri  A Practical Answer

Sometimes you can ask Siri about some personal questions on her and she will give you a practical answer if it is related to her.

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13. An anti-loving VA

13 An anti-loving VA

Are you thinking to propose Siri? be careful then. She is programmed to be aware of any kind of feelings or emotions. You can see the picture and her savage answer to proposing her.

14. A Clever assistant

14 An anti-loving VA

How about proposing Siri and she converts it into another side? If you want to love Siri, it will not enough. You have to love all the apple products as well as.

15. Don’t Panic

15 An anti-loving VA

If you are planning to do a hilarious question to Siri then get ready for a savage answer because this virtual assistant is programmed to give back counters.

16. Bothering Siri

16 An anti-loving VA

Are you planning to bother Siri? I think you should not have a grip, after all, she is just a virtual machine. It will be easy to bother her and get an answer like a human.

17. Business Analytic

Business Analytic

This virtual assistant is not only capable of giving answers she is an expert to promote their other products too. As you ask her what is the best computer, she would definitely come with saying, Mac.

18. Clever Assistant

Clever Assistant

Siri knows well, how to convert a word into another. You can see the above picture and see, someone is telling her that he loves her and she just replied with a beautiful romantic poem what also indicates a broke up message.

19. Cruel Siri

Cruel Siri

What do you expect from your virtual assistant? a sweet answer always? this cant happens with Siri always. She is a bit cruel sometimes and you can see the above picture and have a clear picture of this.

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20. Far beyond imagination

Far beyond imagination

Someday you can realize that your virtual assistant is not only clever and cruel all the time, she is a bit selfish too. You just can see the above picture and realize how she is refusing to tell a story and when she does, she just tell a story about her.

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