20 List Of Corrupt Countries In The World

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Today we will discuss something corrupted! well, today our topics are, we will share 20 countries that are detected as most corrupted countries.

You can know about the political states and why these countries are marked like this and what are they doing to get rid of this tag.

In this article, we will show you 20 most corrupted countries and some small details about those countries.

We hope you will learn why these countries have marked this. So, let’s move into the image gallery.

Here Are 20 List Of Corrupt Countries In The World

1. Angola

Angola Corrupt Countries In The World

Look at this  Portuguese colony, Angola which underwent a 30-year civil war following its independence that has left it as one of the most deprived nations on Earth. What do you think about this?

2. Burma (Myanmar)

Burma (Myanmar) Corrupt Countries In The World

This country has gone through 40 years of rule by a military junta, this reclusive nation held its first election in 2010.

According to the election, the conflict remains as the Burmese majority has been accused of numerous human rights violations against the minority groups.

3. Burundi

Burundi Corrupt Countries In The World

This is a poor country governed by years of ethnic violence and genocide, Burundi managed to stabilize itself briefly but is constantly on the edge of falling back into dispute.

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4. Cambodia

Cambodia top 20 most corrupt countries in the world 2019

This country has also gone through genocide and civil war, Cambodia has enjoyed relative peace for the last 2 decades although civil unrest continues. It is also still one of the most indisposed countries in the world.

5. Chad

Chad top 20 most corrupt countries in the world 2019

Unequal backdestitution, a displaced person emergency, and respectful turmoil have characterized much of the country’s battle for the past few decades.

6. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo top 10 corrupt countries in the world 2019

After being at the center of what some have called Africa’s World War which was also known as the Second Congo War, the world’s blood-soaked conflict since the end of World War II.

7. Eritrea

Eritrea top 10 corrupt countries in the world 2019

This was almost 30 years after the war when Ethiopia eventually left it independent, Eritrea has only been challenged by North Korea in terms of its privacy.

Media segments have been unable to gain much access but accusations of significant human rights abuses abound.

8. Guinnea-Bissau

Guinnea-Bissau top 10 corrupt countries in the world 2019

This was a model development in Africa, this former Portuguese colony quickly experienced a series of bloody military coups that left the country in danger.

9. Haiti

Haiti top 100 corrupt country in the world 2019

Apparently, it was the first Caribbean state to gain independence, decades of violence and conflict have left the country far behind its neighbors in almost every weighable way.

10. Iraq

Iraq top 100 corrupt country in the world 2019

After passing a certain period of the war, conflict, and regional struggles for power, it is perhaps a bit surprising that Iraq isn’t ranked even lower. You can Google it to more about this one.

11. Libya

Libya top 100 corrupt country in the world 2019

After the assassination eccentric dictator Muammar Gaddafi, the country has sunk into a state of lawlessness with no functioning central government and warring clans pushing for power.

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12. Paraguay

Paraguay most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

After passing 30 years of dictatorship, Paraguay descended into factional power struggles and political uncertainty.

From then it has become a center for drug smuggling, money laundering, and coordinated crime.

13. Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

After decades of civil war, the economic situation has improved imperceptibly but most of the population in this country still live in poverty, the civil disturbance is still an issue, and rule of law has yet to take hold.

14. Syria

Syria corruption index by country

This was an international outcast and focal point of conflict, This country has been fraught with violence, genocide, and ethnic conflict.

Terrorism is prevalent and groups such as Islamic State have claimed much of its region.

15. Tajikistan

Tajikistan corruption index by country

This natural beauty has got its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Tajikistan was immersed in the civil war.

Nevertheless, the conflict has ended, the economy has not picked up and poverty is extensive.

16. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

previous Soviet republic, Turkmenistan as it were as of late developed from being awfully strict fascism in spite of the fact that its government is still decently dictatorial.

It is an ethnically homogenous nation with an immature economy because foreign speculators have for the foremost portion remained absent.

17. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan world corruption index 2019

Considering a highly authoritarian government and a very poor human rights record, Uzbekistan has often been a focal point of criticism both from western nations and watchdog groups.

18. Venezuela

Venezuela the 20 most and 20 least corrupt countries in the world

From the very rising of populist leader Hugo Chavez, much of the country’s people have degenerated into poverty.

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And when a strong authoritarian hold on the power and a critically weak economy, Venezuela does not rank very high in measures of stability or clarity.

19. Yemen

Yemen top 20 most corrupt countries in the world 2019

The current government has removed, this country has largely ceased to turmoil and anxiety. Conflicting rebel groups including Al Qaeda are currently rivaling for power.

20. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe top 20 most corrupt countries in the world 2019

After the longtime tyrannical rule of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s economy and infrastructure have become very messy with most of its population living in miserable destitution.

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