Red Lobster Near Me 2020

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Love to have great food in Red Lobster and the most delicious food item? Then very simple, just find out your nearest outlet and have fun!

But what if you don’t know the exact location of your nearest one? Yes, it may happen and then you need to toil in searching for one.

Are you in the same situation carrying a question: what is the Red Lobster near me? Well. This article is for you.

Here you will get to know about your nearest Red Lobster. 

Let’s see.   

How Many Red Lobsters Are Located In The United State?

Sometimes you may wonder about the total number of locations of Red Lobster. Actually, there are a lot of Red Lobsters in the United State.

According to the research of the year 2019, there are a total of 749 locations of Red lobster.

It may wonder you that, among the 749 locations, 704 locations are in the United State as well as Canada.

Red Lobster Near Me

Now I will tell you about those locations and the number of Red Lobster which are in that location.

  • Alabama: In Alabama, there are 17 Red Lobster
  • Arkansas: In Arkansas, there are 9 Red Lobster
  • Arizona: In Arizona, there are 25 Red Lobster
  • California: In California, there are 58 Red Lobster
  • Colorado: In Colorado, there are 20 Red Lobster
  • Connecticut: In Connecticut, there are 7 Red Lobster
  • Delaware: In Delaware, there are 4 Red Lobster
  • Florida: In Florida, there are 96 Red Lobster
  • Georgia: In Georgia, there are 38 Red Lobster
  • Hawaii: In Hawaii, there is 1 Red Lobster
  • Iowa: In Iowa, there are 9 Red Lobster
  • Idaho: In Idaho, there are 4 Red Lobster
  • Illinois: In Illinois, there are 39 Red Lobster
  • Indiana: In Indiana, there are 28 Red Lobster
  • Kansas: In Kansas, there are 9 Red Lobster
  • Kentucky: In Kentucky, there are 18 Red Lobster
  • Louisiana: In Louisiana, there are 4 Red Lobster
  • Massachusetts: In Massachusetts, there is 1 Red Lobster
  • Maryland: In Maryland, there are 18 Red Lobster
  • Maine: In Maine, there is 1 Red Lobster
  • Michigan: In Michigan, there are 33 Red Lobster
  • Minnesota: In Minnesota, there are 25 Red Lobster
  • Missouri: In Missouri, there are 23 Red Lobster
  • Mississippi: In Mississippi, there are 9 Red Lobster
  • Montana: In Montana, there are 2 Red Lobster
  • North Carolina: In North Carolina, there are 20 Red Lobster
  • North Dakota: In North Dakota, there are 3 Red Lobster
  • Nebraska: In Nebraska, there are 5 Red Lobster
  • New Jersey: In New Jersey, there are 28 Red Lobster
  • New Mexico: In New Mexico, there are 8 Red Lobster
  • Nevada: In Nevada, there are 6 Red Lobster
  • New York: In New York, there are 48 Red Lobster
  • Ohio: In Ohio, there are 61 Red Lobster
  • Oklahoma: In Oklahoma, there are 11 Red Lobster
  • Oregon: In Oregon, there are 6 Red Lobster
  • Pennsylvania: In Pennsylvania, there are 52 Red Lobster
  • South Carolina: In South Carolina, there are 19 Red Lobster
  • South Dakota: In South Dakota are 2 Red Lobster
  • Tennessee: In Tennessee, there are 23 Red Lobster
  • Texas: In Texas, there are 86 Red Lobster
  • Utah: In Ohio, there are 8 Red Lobster
  • Virginia: In Virginia, there are 42 Red Lobster
  • Washington: In Washington, there are 12 Red Lobster
  • Wisconsin: In Wisconsin, there are 15 Red Lobster
  • West Virginia: In West Virginia, there are 4 Red Lobster
  • Wyoming: In Wyoming, there are 3 Red Lobster
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This is the list of places where you can find Red Lobster. This list is very useful so that you can find those places where there are so many Red Lobsters.

Red Lobster Near Me

How to find nearby Red Lobster?

At a new place, you may think “how can I find Red Lobster near me?” Well, it’s really an easy job.

All you have to do is, just go to the link: and click on “Find A Location Near You”.

After that, you will see a search bar, type your location there, and search. Then you will see the locations of Red Lobster nearby you.

In Which Place The Original Red Lobster Is Located?

Well, there are so many places where you can get Red Lobsters but the original Red lobster is located in Lakeland, FL.

Final words:

Now, you know the places in the United State where Red Lobster is located. Moreover, you also know the way to find Red Lobster nearby you and the location of the original Red Lobster.

So, find Red Lobster nearby you by yourself and enjoy the food.

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