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Mike Lindell Net Worth 2023

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Have you heard about Mike Lindell? He was quite famous during the presidential election of 2020 in the US.

However, Mike Lindell is an American entrepreneur, political activist, and conspiracy theorist. Mike Lindell net worth is $330 million (last updated in November 2021).

Besides many controversies, Mike Lindell got fame and assets through his work. Let us know more about this famous person.

Early life and education

Mike Lindell was born on 28 June 1961 in Minnesota, United States. There is not much information found regarding his early educational life and his family. 

It is said that he was raised in Chaska and Carver. He was a high school dropout and became a part of gambling in his teenage years. He got the honorary Doctor of Business from Liberty University in 2019.

Career, award, and recognition

At the start of his career, Mike Lindell operated many small businesses. Then he launched My Pillow company, and it became successful over time. Within a very short time, it became one of the notable manufacturing companies in Minnesota.

In 2012, he founded a non-profitable organization named “The Lindell Foundation” to help drug addicts. Later in 2019, he started another recovery network to help the addicts.

He is also known for his vocal support for Donald Trump. It is said that he spread conspiracy theories to help Donald Trump to overturn the election of 2020. However, many companies discontinued selling ‘my pillow’ products as they claimed the products were not up to the mark.

Asset, house, and car

Mike Lindell is a scandalous personality and known by all for his conspiracy theories. It was reported that he once bought a house worth $1.5 million for bribing the cyber hackers. He does not reveal his private life and property to the news reporters. Thus, there is not enough data about his assets.

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Income Detail and Net Worth

Mike Lindell is a great businessman, and he has earned huge money throughout his life. Mike Lindell net worth is $330 million. It displays how rich and successful he is. His company earns $280 million revenue annually.

Social media popularity

Mike Lindell is active on social media platforms. His Instagram account ‘michaeljlindell’ has 277k followers. Mike Lindell has been banned from Twitter and other social media platforms for his controversial statement in favor of Donald Trump.

At a glance

Real NameMike Lindell
Popular NameMichael J. Lindell
Date of BirthJune 28, 1961
BirthplaceMankato, Minnesota, United States
SpouseDallas Yocum (divorced)
Zodiac signCancer
Net worth$330 million


No matter how disreputable Mike Lindell is, he is a great business person. His business strategy made him reach the place he is now.

Despite having a rough childhood, Mike Lindell net worth shows his success and achievement.

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