20 Weird Phobias List And Their Meanings

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Today we are going to talk about something uncommonly common. There are a lot of peoples are living in this world with a lot of problems with them and we have to face them at every moment. From these problems some are physical, some are mental and there might be a situation where someone could stick. We are here to discuss phobias. Actually, human phobias that they are continuing with their life cycle.

Here in this article, we have arranged 20 weird phobias list and meanings. You will be scared, amazed, stoned while reading this article and knowing the facts of this phobias. So, why getting late? Let’s get dive into the phobia zone.

Here Are 20 Weird Phobias List And Their Meanings

1. Ancraophobia

Ancraophobia weird phobias list

This should be on the first of the Weird Phobias List and meanings. This phobia is also known as “Anemophobia”. This causes an extreme fear of winds! This phobia is very rare and uncommon. Can you imagine that you are getting scared of the wind? Though this phobia can be cured by proper treatment.

2. Anthophobia

Anthophobia weird phobias list

This is something uncommon too. There are people who are scared of flowers, now you will be amazed by this fact. Fearing of flowers is called Anthophobia. This word is Greek and this phobia can be cured too.

3. Arachibutyrophobia

Arachibutyrophobia weird phobias list

To explore more about the weird Phobias list, you should know about Arachibutyrophobia, which is something awkward like it is not the fear of eating butter, bread and something like this. This is the fear of having it stick to the roof of your mouth! So are you affected by this? As this is a very rare situation but many people got this by their subconscious mind.

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4. Emetophobia

Emetophobia weird phobias list

It is a phobia that causes overwhelming, intense anxiety pertaining to vomit! This is all about vomiting. The person who got is, can be scared to vomit in public place, cannot see vomiting and even cannot see the action of vomiting.

5. Ephebiphobia

Ephebiphobia weird phobias list

Ephebiphobia is the fear of youth and one of the most common in a weird phobias list. Have you ever felt that way like you are not perfect for this world or you are scared to a loathing of teenagers? Some people always think that they are inaccurate, exaggerated for this world and they are bearing this phobia.

6. Ergophobia

Ergophobia list of phobias a to z

Now, this is something very abnormal. Ergophobia or Ponophobia is an abnormal fear to do work. This could be labor work or nonlabor work both. The people who are having this phobia get scared to be employed. It can be a form of social phobia.

7. Geniophobia

Geniophobia list of phobias a to z

This is the fear of chins or jaw. The origin of this is the word is Greek. Chin is a part of normal anatomy but some people are extremely scared of this one. This is very rare and can be cured if you get proper treatment.

8. Genuphobia

Genuphobia list of phobias pdf

The fear of knees! does it sound awkward? Yes, it is one from our “very weird phobias list” and the person who is affected with this is always in fear of kneeling of his own knee or someone else’s. This phobia triggered by a negative experience like a knee injury.

9. Globophobia

Globophobia list of phobias pdf

The word is originally originated by a Greek word Globo. That means “spherical in terms of ballons” and Phobos that means deep fear. People who are having this phobia are very scared by see, touch and even smelling a balloon.

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10. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia uncommon phobias

Are you scared after seeing this big word? Well, you are not alone than in the stack. There are a lot of people who are scared of seeing big words like this. This phobia contempt of getting fear after seeing big words.

11. Lipophobia

Lipophobia uncommon phobias

The Liophobia is a common one from our weird phobias list because the people who have this, 90% of them are unaware of the fact. This phobia is mainly named Lipophobicity which means the fear of getting fat. So, can you relate this to you?

12. Myrmecophobia

Myrmecophobia rational fears list

This is something serious, this phobia causes an inexplicable fear of ants. As it is a type of specific phobia. It is very common that the people who are suffering from this phobia will be scared of other animals too.

13. Nomophobia

Nomophobia rational fears list

This is something irrational fear of being without your mobile phone and these type of people can not just stay without their mobile phone for a single moment. The absence of a phone, tower or signal problem causes fear to them.

14. Ombrophobia

Ombrophobia causes of phobias

This is also known as Pluviophobia. The general fear of rain. This is a more likely anxiety disorder, which can be in kids and as well as adults. Though we love rain there are some people who figure it out as something scary.

15. Pogonophobia

Pogonophobia ridiculous phobias

This is a fear of beards. Intense and getting scared of beard actually. If someone has tremendous experience with a beard person he/she could be the victim of this phobia mostly. This can be cured but need a long time.

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16. Sanguivoriphobia

Sanguivoriphobia least common phobias

This is a very uncommon phobia. The fear of vampires. Sanguivoriphobia has a rich history with popular Dracula movies. There are many people who are scared of Dracula thing and they believe Dracula exists!

17. Triskaidekaphobia

Triskaidekaphobia emotional fears list

This common phobia is the fear of the number 13. As we all know the popular term “Unlucky Thirteen“. Number thirteen has been associated with bad luck in Norse mythology where it first originated. Even in many countries and many mythological beliefs says that number thirteen is unlucky.

18. Trypophobia

Trypophobia weird phobias list and their meanings

Though the name is very confusing with the work of this phobia. Like the name, this phobia also contains something very unusual. The fear of holes! Anything to do with a  hole. Sometimes the hole in a doughnut too. The people who are dealing with this cannot see any kind of holes.

19. Turaphobia

Turaphobia weird phobias list and their meanings

Turaphobia is the fear of cheese. People who sometimes develop[ the allergic reactions to cheese have made this one. Even the picture of cheese can be put off in certain cases. It is a common phobia in Europe. So, be careful from next time you eat cheese!

20. Xanthophobia

Xanthophobia weird phobias list and their meanings

There are a lot of mysterious phobias that exist in this world. This is one of them. Xanthophobia is the fear of the color Yellow or the word yellow. This is a specific phobia and this can be cured.

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