Those 20 Weird Creatures You Never Knew Existed But People Believed In Anyway

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Have you ever seen any weird creature such as legendary monster, magic mad, supernatural elements like the fiery, fiery land, giant, the mermaid and many of mythical creatures that we see in the mythic story? Though the Weird creatures are not seen by you, you are still to believe that they really exist in the world. We love to believe their existence, though there have no enough proofing and evidence about them. Today, we are coming to present you some 20 Weird Creatures You Never Knew Existed But People Believed In any way.

Here Are The 20 Weird Creatures In The World You Never Knew Existed But People Believed In Anyway

1. Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga Weird Creatures You Never Knew Existed

According to the Eastern European folklore, Baba Yaga is maybe one of the most popular supernatural creatures. It appeared as an old terrify-looking lady. According to Andreas John, the Author of Baba Yaga that she is an ambiguous Mother and magical woman of the Russian Folktale. It is a multi-faceted figure, able to inspiring investigate to see her as a  Snake, Moon, Death, Cloud, Winter,  typical image,  Bird, Earth Goddess and so on.

2. Broxa

Broxa Weird Creatures In The World

According to Jewish native tales, the Broxa is a ferocious, terrifying look monetary birds that attacked domestic animals like goats, cows, lamb, etc for their milk and meat. And these weird creatures also attacked people for blood in the deep night. The Broxa was well -known in Northern Europe in the Middle Ages. In that period maximum people love to believe in divinity and superstitions. Anyway, they also believed that the monetary bird attacked females and children than men.

3. Bubak

Bubak Weird Creatures You Never Knew Existed

The Bubak is sweet like Czech tales and folklore what the bogeyman is to American folklore and Western European. It was actually described as a fighting creature resemble a scarecrow and would cry as an innocent and tempt its victims to their deaths. Also, some of the most popular tales consider the Bubak always takes place on the night of the full moon when the Bubak reportedly mixes cloth from the souls of those he has killed and, like an evil-sprit version of Santa Claus, drives a cart pulled by black cats.

4. Cerberus

Cerberus Weird Creatures In The World

Do you read the Oedipus Rex by Greek writer Sophocles? The writer presented the same monster in Greek literature. The Cerberus is the guardian of Hades and is actually described as a strange looks monster that looks like a dog with three heads and a tail whose end is a dragon’s head in Greek mythology. According to the ancient tragedian Aeschylus, the Cerberus was born from a mixture of two monsters, the Typhon and Echidna, which could make the Cerberus brother of the Lernaean Hydra.

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5. Draugr


According to the ancient tales, the Draugr was one kind of creature who was the owner of the superpower. They loved to eat humans, drinking blood, and they had the power to play mind games. It has no evidence to exist in the world in reality. But some of the filmmakers displayed it in an artificial world which was showed that they really existed.

6. Ghoul

Ghoul Weird Creatures In The World

In Arabian folklore, the ghoul is one of the most well known weird creatures and we are introduced to it in the set of tales, One Thousand and One Nights. The ghoul is present as an immortal monster that can be taken the form of an insignificant spirit and usually goes into a cemetery to eat the flesh of the recently dead body. This is maybe the main reason why the word ghoul is connected in Arabic countries with anything frighting and they usually use the word when refers to a grave of a digger or other occupation who are directly related to death.

7. Grypas


The Grypas was a fabled creature which head and wings like an eagle and body as well as the tail like a lion. According to an ancient fable, the lion and the eagle both are the kings of the kingdom of animals. The Grypas was the combination of both which represents the symbol of power. The Grypas can be found in front of Greek architectures in the ancient Greeks ruled. However, ancients Greeks believed that they really existed before figure it out.

8. Jorogumo

According to Japanese folklore, the Jorogumo was a bloodthirsty monster. If the word Jorogumo is translated from Japanese to English, the meaning of the creature would “whore spider”. And the opinion of the translator that name perfectly describes as a monster. Though Japanese folklore described it as bloodthirster, in most tales, Jorogumo was described as a huge spider that takes the form of a very attractive and sexy woman who tempts her male victims, traps them in her web, and then killed them with pleasure.

9. Kappa

Kappa Weird Creatures You Never Knew Existed

In ancient Japanese folklore, the kappa is a water devil that lives in rivers and lakes. The Japanese word ‘Kappa’ means “child of the river”. The body of a Kappa like a turtle, frog limbs, and a beak with its head. The top of its head has a cavity with water. Though the weird creature is watery, they are active on dry land. A prover was spread that the head of Kappa should always keep wet otherwise it will lose the strength of its. Many people strangely believed the existence of kappa and they ensured other people that they could be attacked humans while they were enjoying their picnic.

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10. Kraken

Kraken Weird Creatures

People believed that the Kraken came from the Nordic seas and its presence was primarily limited to the coasts of Iceland and Norway. We should say to thank the storytellers of wild imagination, who create it possible to believe for the previous generation that the creature really lived in other seas as well.

11. Lamassu

Lamassu Weird Creatures

According to Mesopotamian mythology, the Lamassu was believed to be a protective divinity whom some of the people claimed to see the bull’s body, few of like lion’s body with eagle’s wings as well as like a man’s head. Some of the ancient tales described it as a male god creature while others claimed as a female goddess. Though nobody knows what exactly a Lamassu was! Because in the real world it has no existence.

12. Lernaean Hydra

Lernaean Hydra Weird Creatures

According to the ancient literature and folklore, the Lernaean Hydra was a mythical watery monster with many heads such as big snakes that were killed by Heracles, an ancient superhero. Cut off the last head of the monster he buried it into the earth because the head was immortal. However, in the present world just knew it as only a heroic story but in the past, it was really believed that the superhero, Hercules and the monster really exists.

13. Medusa


According to the ancient story, the Medusa was a beautiful woman of Ancient Athen who was seduced in Athena’s temple by Poseidon. Later she took out from the temple and turned into an ugly-looking monster whose head is full of snakes than hair. However, a believed was spread that whoever looked at the face of the monster they turned into a stone. The monster was also mentioned by ancient writers Hesiod and Aeschylus in a different way in literature.

14. Menehune

Menehune Weird Creatures

The Menehune were an ancient rivalry of a dwarf who lived in the forest of Hawaii before the Polynesians settled. Many believed the existence of ancient statues on the Hawaiian Islands to the Menehune. Others believed that the legend of the Menehune appeared with the arrival of Europeans in the area and that there was no such rivalry. In reality, they are just a creation of the human imagination.

15. Minotaur

Minotaur Weird Creatures

The Minotaur is one ancient weird creature people meet in the history of humankind since it takes us back to the period of the Minoan civilization. The Minotaur was like a bull on the body of an extremely large, muscular man and dwelt at the center of the Cretan complexity which was designed by Daedalus and his son, Icarus, by requesting of King Minos. There has much myth was spread over the world with it.

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16. Pixiu


The Pixiu is a Chinese mythical creature which is created a combination with some parts of different animals. The creature has a lion’s body with wings like another mythical creature the Qulin. It’s head like a traditional dragon of China myth. The creature was widely considered as the protector and the guardian who practice ‘feng shui. Anyway, the developing of the global world, the belief was reduced by the Chinese.

17. Soucouyant


The Soucouyant is one kind of blood-sucking hag, believed by Caribbean folklore and the Bahamas inhabitants. According to the old tale, it looks like an old woman who transformed ownself like a young attractive black woman. In the night, the woman tempted the victims and then she may suck their blood or make them slaves forever. Though it was believed among the ancient civilization, it has no proving evidence in history.

18. Talos

Talos Weird Creatures

Greek mythology has really given to the world some of the most legendary and epic heroes, gods, and creatures. Among them, Talos is one of the famous Greek heroes who appointed to protect Europa, a woman, from the pirates and aggressor. The ancient Greeks believed, though Talos had a bronze body only, he was one of the living survivors.

19. Tarasque

Tarasque Weird Creatures

The Tarasque is a monster of an animal whose head was like a lion, six short legs like a bear, the tail-like scorpion’s stinger and the body covered with a turtle shell. The tale about the Tarasque was most popular in medieval Europe. And they honestly believed that this weird creature really existed in the world. It is news for all of you that UNESCO recognized it as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 25 in 2005.

20. The Wendigo

The Wendigo Weird Creatures You Never Knew Existed

The Wendigo is described as a psychosis creature who eat human flesh. The present medical term “Windigo Psychosis” takes the name from the mythical creature of the Wendigo. According to the Native American tribe, the Wendigo was an evil creature that looked like a human and a monster as well as similar to a zombie. According to researchers, the people who ate human flesh were at risk to become Wendigos. Though the creature does not exist, people, especially the Native American tribe believed that they are really in existence in the world.

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