20 Strange Remedies For Hangover You Won’t Want To Try

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When we wake up from the bed in the morning with an extream headache which is really unbearable. Our hands may shake, we are dehydrated as well as exhausted. We may wish we hadn’t drink that much the previous night but it is too late. We have to deal with the horrible hangover. We all have known some reliable ways how to fight the hangover but there are plenty of unusual and natural hangover remedies in the world which we may not know exactly. Some of them are so much peculiar that you may not sure, they really work. However, there are some of the 20 Strange Remedies For Hangover You Won’t Want To Try.

1. Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Strange Remedies For Hangover You Won’t Want To Try

Ancient Rome was the center of knowledge and the country was the first civilized nation. However, the topic is not actually about it. The topics about hangover remedy. Beside the first civilized, the ancient Romans had discovered the first hangover remedy which was eaten the deep-fried canary. The ancients Roman believes that the bones of canary had the power to cure the hangover. But nobody knows where the bird was killed and skinned.

2. Australia


The Vegemite toasts are popular for their drinking abilities. The toast has to have good hangover remedies.  The dark brown color food paste made from leftover brewers with spice additives.

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3. Canada


Traditional hangover killer in Canada is the French-Fries. If you stay full of alcoholic mood, you will take a plate thick-cutting French-Fries which can remedy from the hangover. The Canadian people believe it and to them, it is one of the most popular ways to cure in Canada.

4. China


The Congee is one of the most popular foods which is mostly used for curing the hangover in China. It is made of many elements, according to your wishing you can add many things such as duck eggs, meats, mushrooms, and different kinds of vegetables and so on. However, among the many methods against fighting hangover, it is one of the wells and famous method.

5. Czech Republic

Czech Republic Strange Remedies For Hangover You Won’t Want To Try

Utopenci is one of the most common food to cure a hangover remedy in the Czech Republic. The Utopenic food is made of some vegetables, pickled gherkins, and spicy sausages.

6. France


The citizens of France eat a strong onion soup, bread, and cheese after drinking so much alcohol. They believe that mixing paste food can remedy them from the hangover.

7. Germany


Do you know the Rollmops? It is one kind of German food which is mainly known as pickles and sour food that makes with gherkin and onion. German heavy drinkers use the food for curing the hangover.

8. Haiti


The citizens of Haiti use a magical and unique way to cure the alcoholic. The Haitians use thirteen pins and a cork to cure the evils of the hangover. The local drinkers believe that hangover is an evil thing. And the voodoo, magic of religion involving, can remove it.

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9. Hungary


To cure the hangover, The Hungarian drops sparrow in brandy! They believe that fried bread rubbed with a cut clove of garlic or strong broth can remove the hangover.

10. Mexico


Vuelva a la Vida! It is a food name of Mexico which means ‘return to life’. However, the Mexicans food is used to cure the hangover. The food is mainly made of seafood cocktail blend with tomato sauce and vegetable salad.

11. Mongolia


To remedy from the hangover, the Mongolian use a glass of tomato juice with a peculiar sheep eyeball. Really the method is odd and horrible. But I don’t sure, really can it cure Hangover?

12. Norway


In spite of being more expensive of alcohol in Norway, the expense does not stop the Norwegians from drinking alcohol. So, they suffer from the hangover. However, they use one kind of dried cod food from curing to hangover which name is ‘Lutefisk’.

13. Peru


What do you see in the picture? A plate of unboiled fish, lemon, ginger, and garlic blend juice, don’t they? The Peruvians actually eat the fish mixing juice for curing the hangout and making fresh themselves form the alcoholic mood.

14. Poland


Drinking pickle juice is one of the best ways to cure the hangover in Poland. The pickle juice contains two elements, they are salt and sodium which help to work against a hangover.

15. Russia


It is a picture of Russian food whose name is Solyanka. The citizen of Russia believes that eating soup is the best way to cure of alcoholic or the hangover. However, the soup is made of smoked meat, a chunk of beef, sundry vegetables, black olives, lemon slice and so on.

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16. Scotland

Scotland Strange Remedies For Hangover You Won’t Want To Try

Traditional hangover killer in Scotland is the Scotts. It has a natural power to hangover remedies. The traditional Scotts is also known as ‘A Fry Up’. The Scotts are made of bacon. eggs, sausages, tomatoes, and beans.

17. Thailand


Thai people use a bowl of spicy noodle soup to cure the hangover. The noodle soup is made of beef, fish balls, pork, pigs blood or duck blood, chicken and pork. They believe that spicy soup can cure them of the hangover.

18. Turkey


A thick soup, made with tripe or the eatable stomach of livestock with garlic and cream, is eaten by Turkish drinkers to cure the hangover. Nobody knows about the food that it is really can help to remove hangover or not.

19. USA

USA Strange Remedies For Hangover You Won’t Want To Try

It is a picture of rabbit droppings. The Americans have many superstitions to cure the hangover. The method to remedy is different in a different region. However, many regions of the United States believes that ‘Out of rabbit droppings’ can remedy the drunker from the hangover. The method is first discovered by a cowboy. Anyway, the rabbit droppings tea just take the pellets and sheer them in hot water.

20. Vietnam


The Vietnamese believe that rhino horns blended with hot water can help to cure not only just hangover but also allergies as well as cancer. Though it has no scientific proof, they just believe the myth. However, you believed or not. It is believed by the Vietnamese that the mixing water really works.

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