20 Most Gruesome Executions In History

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Do you like ancient culture?  Most people love the ancient civilization. According to the ancient’s research, the past was often a brutal, violence place where the social infraction or slightest legal could result in a painful as well as gruesome death.

In addition to that, it wasn’t a romantic time in the past, the goal was often to inflict as much pain as possible upon the person being executed.

Ancient history marks that there were a variety of reasons for this such as political, religious and so on. Here we have collected 20 most gruesome executions in history.

Here Are 20 Most Gruesome Executions In History

1. Bestiarii

Bestiarii Most Gruesome Executions In History

It was one of the most dangerous punishment 100 years back.

Roman emperor implemented this plenty process for people.

The Romans threw political prisoners in an arena naked and watched as they were devoured by wild animals.

2. Blood Eagle

Blood Eagle Most Gruesome Executions In History

Blood Eagle was another most gruesome executions in history for people.

It mentioned in some Nordic Sagas and involved breaking the ribs of the victims out of their chest to resemble wings.

To pull culprit’s lungs out through the opening and salt would be sprinkled on the wound.

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3. Brazen Bull

Brazen Bull Most Gruesome Executions In History

Brazen Bull is deemed as the most serious punishment for criminals. It was famously used in Italy.

It was large enough to fil one person in its torso.

The person who slowly cooked by fire and his screams would be acoustically converted to emitted from the mouth. Smock from their body would be expelled from the nose.

4. Breaking Wheel

Breaking Wheel Most Gruesome Executions In History

Breaking Wheel is also called the Catherine Wheel. During the ancients period, it was used for punishment to trespassers.

The victim would be tied to it. And then the turned around as the executioner delivered bone-shattering blows to their body.

5. Cement Shoes

Cement Shoes worst execution methods still used

An American mafia who made this preferred method of execution.

In that period, it was the most gruesome executions in history for criminals whose feet were placed in cement blocks and they were thrown in the river.

6. Colombian Necktie

Colombian Necktie worst execution methods still used

It was practiced by many drug cartels in South America.

This punishment involved cutting open the victim’s throat as well as training their tongue out through the opening.

7. Crushing

Crushing medieval execution methods

It is just about specifically what the elephants would do except in Europe and America.

The victim refused in every time, additional weight was intercalary to their chest.

This process absolutely was generally accustomed to extract a plea.

8. Execution by Elephant

Execution by Elephant medieval execution methods

This Mortal punishment mainly used in Southeast Asia. The elephants were trained for this plenty.

Trained elephants confirm the death of the victim. Sometimes this method was used to show the country’s rule.

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9. Flaying

Flaying brutal executions

This penalty involves removings a person’s skin from his body. In most of cases, this will be temporary for the public to see it.

10. Guillotine

Guillotine brutal executions

Do you think it is the smallest amount violent on this list?  The guillotine was the primary methodology of execution in operation.

It was a capital punishment to finish lives instead of intercommunicating pain. The last execution was held by guillotine in 1977, France. 

11. Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered

Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered brutal executions

It is an English execution process which came in three parts. First of all, the victim was transported on a wooden frame to the place of execution, then hung until almost dead.

Finally, their stomach was cut open, burned as the victim watched, and their intestines were removed.

They were then beheaded, fixed, and cut into four parts which were put on exhibit around England.

This penalty was only for men who make a single mistake.

12. Mazzatello

Mazzatello scaphism

The hangman would raise a hammer to bring it down on the victim’s head.

On the other hand, the victim would be led to a building in a public place with nothing more than an executioner and a box.

Basically, this would only hit the victim so their throat would be slit shortly thereafter.

13. Premature Burial

Premature Burial egyptian execution methods

Many governments in history would execute condemned prisoners by burying them alive. It was considered pretty much self-explanatory.

14. Republican Marriage

Republican Marriage egyptian execution methods

It was another most dangerous execution by drowning. This process is critical rather than using cement blocks.

The French would tie a man as well as a woman together before firing them in the water.

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15. Sawing

Sawing ottoman execution methods

The founder of this most gruesome execution was Asian and European emperors. In Asia and Europe, this practice used.

The victim would be hung upside down as well as then sawn in half starting at the groin.

They would ensure enough blood from the head. They would also hit on the head to keep the victim conscious until the large vessels of the abdomen severed.

16. Scaphism

Scaphism pirate execution methods

This ancient method of execution involved leaving the victim in trees trunk with only their hands, head, and feet protruding. People would be thrown in a stagnant pond. Insects would start to breed on their skin.

17. Seppuku

Seppuku soviet execution methods

It was a suicide process that allowed warriors to die honorably. This method was practiced by Samurai.

Sinners would first disembowel themselves as well as then immediately be beheaded.

18. The Gridiron

The Gridiron soviet execution methods

It was a fatal process for the criminals, executed by the ancient emperor.  The death was not a quick one, this process involved broiling the victim over a bed of hot coals.

19. Upright Jerker

Upright Jerker Most Gruesome Executions In History

It is a method of capital punishment originating in the US. It is now often used in countries like Iran.

According to history, this most gruesome execution process is similar to hanging, but a height to sever the spinal cord, a crane jerks them upwards.

20. Walking the Plank

Walking the Plank Most Gruesome Executions In History

The process of punishment was so dangerous at that time. People are thrown as sharks’ food in the water.

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