20 Bizarre Examples Of Macro Photography

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In our daily life, we are facing too many situations and phases. We are moving from one place to another and while we are moving many things that are beautiful or phenomenal attracts us. In most cases, we can not take a photo of that thing to see it again.

To keep track of moments the best way to take photographs of that particular moment. The bizarre examples of macro photography is a part of photography’s vast area. Here in this article, we have arranged 20 macro photography for you to see and feel the beauty of nature.

Here Are 20 Bizarre Examples Of Macro Photography

1. Color is Life

Color is Life

What a nice picture of color. The colors of life. Maybe we are all in search of the true color of our life and hope someday everyone will find this. The photographer has chosen a box of color bars and captured this stunning one.

2. The dilemma of Water

macro photography  The dilemma of Water

Pure beauty in front of the eyes. Some water has fallen over a leaf and this amazing thing looks so beautiful. Maybe this is the magic of macro photography. You also can try this thing, it’s not that hard.

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3. Water Vives

Water Vives macro photography

It’s always beautiful to see water droppings over leaves. Just have the magical feel of this photo. Macro photography actually shows the inner details of the object and that brings the realm of the picture.

4. Yellow

Yellow macro photography ideas

It’s a yellow kingdom over the horizon of colorful borders. A flower can look like that when you will take a picture and make it as a gift. This stunning beauty has its own story to say, just keep calm and listen to quite.

5. Snailing Beauty

macro photography ideas  Snailing Beauty

We don’t know whoever has captured the photo but the snail is looking like a beast and gigantic, again the magic of using a macro lens. Though beautiful photography and a creative idea.

6. Dragonfly

Artist Unknown2

In this picture, you can see a dragonfly and just look at the depth of the picture and see every node of this flower. Macro photographers use a macro lens which is made for especially macro photography.

7. Chris Beaumont

Chris Beaumont macro photography ideas

Wires could be subject too. Stunning and creative photography. Just feel the colors and the design. A creative idea to implement through the lens. If you want you can try this at your place.

8. Larva Photography

Larva Photography macro photography ideas

Have you ever imagined to see a larva with this beauty? Still, photography is not that easy as we think it is. You need to have a plan, wait for the perfect light and moment and to click and after that, you will be able to get this kind of photo.

9. Life of a Leaf

Life of a Leaf macro photography download

A very close look at a leaf, some water has dropped over it and it looks like the sun before dusk. A beautiful capture is always refreshing to see. Who does not love beautiful photos to see?

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10. Hamed Saber

macro photography download  Hamed Saber

Do you love Sun Flower? Then you must love this one. A detailed photograph of this beautiful flower and a favorite thing to see for photography lovers. These captures are not that easy as how it feels to see.

11. Leaf on a Lens

Leaf on a Lens macro photography download

Leaf and Lens, what are the relationships between them? When leaves come in front of the lens and get captured, it gets more beautiful as you can see above. Stunning photography which will calm you in every phase.

12. Feather Paradise

Feather Paradise unusual macro photography ideas

A colorful photo. Can you see the details of the picture what the photographer wanted to say? A bird feather with a drop of water. A creative thing to implement. If you are a photographer you must have fallen in love with this.

13. Brookley Hill

unusual macro photography ideas Brookley Hill

Don’t it look like hills? A Brookley with macro photography and this would definitely need to look like this. What an innovative idea to implement and this looks really beautiful and someone can think about it as a nature photo.

14. Peter Martin

Peter Martin unusual macro photography ideas

Do you like cars? then you are mostly to like this image. Two small vintage cars on a surface and it looks really beautiful. An uncommon idea and a beautiful seen to have the feel of a car lover.

15. Sunset beyond the leaves

Sunset beyond the leaves micro photography

Do you like nature? then this photo will attract you for sure. A stunning beauty around the dusk. The sun is looking like the yolk of an egg. Just feel the nature and its components.

16. Preventing Rain

micro photography Preventing Rain

A beautiful photo! A grasshopper is holding a branch during heavy rain. We are pretty sure about that, the photographer has done a lot of hard to capture a photo like this, this is a rare thing.

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17. The beauty of Snail

The beauty of Snail micro photography

What do you think about snails ? are they beautiful? maybe, in some cases but when will you see this image you will definitely say that it’s beautiful. A close shot of this animal makes it attractive.

18. Gold Under Electron Microscope

Gold Under Electron Microscope free nature images

Gold is a valuable metal all of us know that. It seems very costly and the pieces of jewelry made of golds are truly awesome. Have you ever thought to see gold under an Electron Microscope? This would probably like this.

19. Spider

free nature images Spider

A closeup photo of a spider. This species is dangerous but the macro photography shows courage and beauty.  A creative idea to capture this one and small animals look better when they have small photography.

20. frogs

frogs download free hd images

What a photograph! A combination of light, frogs and the shade. If you look closer you can see the details and can understand the reasons behind this. The photographer is creative to click this type of photo.

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