20 List Of Illegal Things In America

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America! The country we live in, the country we love and the country where we want the rest of our lives. If you ever been in America you would know the lifestyle here and we are pretty sure you will not get this thing anywhere in this world. Today we are going to talk about some restrictions on this country.

There are 50 states in our country and they have their own beauties along with them. But unfortunately today we are not talking about the beauties of the country rather we will talk about some restrictions. There are some works that are marked as illegal in different states. Let’s have a look at this 20 List of Illegal things In America, that when will you come, you are aware of this.

Here Are The 20 List Of Illegal Things In America

1. Gift certificates

Also in Massachusetts, gift certificates must be valid for 7 years list of illegal things in america

Are you planning to give someone a gift certificates? According to the local law, Gift certificates should be valid for seven years. A restaurant or store or any type of organization must honor the gift certificates at least for seven years.

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2. Sleeping bear

In Alaska, you may not wake a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph list of illegal things in america

Are you a photographer? You want to visit Alaska and capture your dream shots? Then this Illegal thing In America is a warning for you. You can not wake up a bear to capture its photo. It illegal in Alaska and a punishable offense.

3. Raccoon Hunting

In Connecticut, you are not allowed to cut down trees for the purpose of hunting raccoons list of illegal things in america

Raccoons are so innocent and harmless animals. These are usually live in trees. There is a law on this innocent animal, in Connecticut, no one can cut trees for the purpose of hunting raccoons.

4. Dog Hair

In Delaware, you may not sell dog hair list of illegal things in america

Dogs are the most relevant domestic animals in many countries. Do you have pets on your home? In Delaware, you will not be allowed to sell your dog’s hair. It is a rule created by the local government. These animals are to love.

5. Squirrel tail

In Georgia, selling squirrel tails is illegal list of illegal things in america

Squirrels are very innocent animals. In Georgia, you just can not think about the selling of any squirrel tails because it is an Illegal thing in America. This rule was made by the local government there so be careful if you live in Georgia.

6. kissing reptiles

In Illinois, all reptile vendors must advise potential buyers not to kiss the reptiles list of illegal things in america

So, are you planning to buy a reptile? Then to kiss your favorite animal? In Illinois, the vendors are not allowing to do this. There are types of reptiles for selling here and they considered kissing reptiles as a risky offense.

7. Barehand Fishing

In Indiana, it is illegal to fish with your bare hands weird things that are illegal in the us

This is something really funny but true that in Indiana you can not catch any kind of fish without wearing gloves on your hand. This law has been adjured by the local government and we hope there are must be some reasons behind this.

8. Surfing while drunk is prohibited here.

In Iowa (a landlocked state), surfing while drunk is prohibited weird things that are illegal in the us

Drunk while surfing. This is a favorite thing to do for many people. You need to be professional to get professional recrements. In Iowa, this thing is absolutely prohibited and just don’t keep this to do it on your head.

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9. Modifying the weather

In Kansas, modifying the weather requires a permit weird things that are illegal in the us

Well, weather modification is not a common term. If you try to alter the weather you will be on the charge of punishable offense in Kansas. And how would you do this? Like cloud seeding or you are producing some real hazardous chemical gas in nature.

10. Owning explosive golf balls is a crime

In Massachusetts, owning explosive golf balls is a crime weird things that are illegal in the us

This law is very uncommon and the term of the explosive golf ball has come from a video game named “Hitman” In this game there is a mission to kill someone using this type of ball. In Massachusetts, you can not keep this type of thing.

11. Import wolves

In New Hampshire it is illegal to import wolves weird things that are illegal in the us

New Hampshire is a beautiful place and the whole state is a natural philosophical zone. There is a strange law for the people of this state. Importing wolves is Illegal thing in America, you can not import wolves in this state and this is a punishable offense.

12. Ice cream in your pocket.

In New York you are not allowed to walk around with an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sundays weird things that are illegal in the us

This is a humorous law. You can not walk in New York’s street with an ice-cream in your pocket on Sunday. So, ice-cream lovers, be careful on Sunday. Who knows. you might have to eat ice-cream behind the cell for your mistakes.

13. Garbage feeding to a pig

In North Carolina all garbage fed to a pig must be thoroughly cooked weird things that are illegal in the us

The municipality is very concerned about the nutrition of North Carolina that they have passed a law. The pig that fed garbage, need to cook perfectly at wherever it prepared. This is a good decision and we appreciate this.

14. Using a yo-yo to fish

In Oklahoma you are not allowed to use a yo-yo to fish things that are illegal in the us but legal in other countries

Do you like fishing? If it is then you must know the usage of Yo-Yo in fishing-tackle. In Oklahoma, it is forbidden to use yo-yo in the tackle. So, what’s the way? Use the net or other fishing-tackle without yo-yo.

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15. Hunting in cemeteries

In Oregon you are not allowed to hunt in cemeteries illegal things to do

Well, you are not allowed to hunt in cemeteries. They considered the place as a holy place and they think, actions like this should not be performed here. So if you live in Oregon or planning to, then you should know the law.

16. Ice cream peddlers should not be annoying.

In Patterson, New Jersey, ice cream peddlers are legally required to not be annoying illegal things to do

Are you an ice-cream lover? Then New Jersey could be your best destination. In this area, Patterson is a small town here and ice-cream sellers could not be annoying by law here! so, let’s have a lot of ice-cream just.

17. Stealing a stone

In Rhode Island stealing a stone wall is illegal banned things in the world

This is something uncommon again, in Rhode Island, you can not just steal a stone from the wall. This is a punishable offense there. There are many humorous, funny laws around the world but this Illegal thing in America is one of them.

18. Paint with turkey feathers

In South Carolina a permit is required if you want to paint with turkey feathers things that are no longer illegal

Are you a painter? And planning to do something with turkey’s feather in South Carolina? Then we are extremely sorry for you.  No, you have ways to do this and you need permission to take from the local government.

19. Drunk driving laws.

In Utah, drunk driving laws do not apply if you are riding an animal things that should be illegal

Finally something good for the people who love to drink. In Utah, people who get drunk and riding on an animal will be considered safe. No drinking laws will apply to them. So what are you planning?

20. Rules on hypnotized people.

In Washington you are not allowed to display hypnotized people in store windows illegal things that should be legal

This law is very uncommon. This law says, in Washington, you are not allowed to show hypnotized people in the store windows. This is local law and they mean this law very seriously.

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