List Of 20 Insects That’s Living On Human Body

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There are many things are happening around us and this time we are here to talk about something really strange and that you could find disturbing.

We will talk about insects that found living on a human body! yes, this is true and you will see this how they survive there. Though it sounds like a horror story true.

In this article, we will talk about some unwanted guests that lived inside human bodies. Here are 20 awkward incidents of this thing.

This could be inconvenient to you but many people have faced it. So, let’s look at these stories and learn about the insects too what will blow your mind.

1. 57 maggots

57 maggots

Yes, she is that old! A 92-year-old woman was found with more than 57 maggots inside her ear! Doctors who were treating her confirmed that a fly slithered into her ear and laid eggs.

These maggots were there inside her ear for two to three days before they were located! and this was the worst thing about that.

2. Botfly larvae in eye

Botfly larvae in eye

Thus, you might experience the miserable feeling of having a bug in your eye. If you do winking and some tearing up, you just remove it.

A 5-year-old boy in Honduras faced something worst. The incident was, A botfly has entered into his eye and laid eggs there.

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3. Bugs in scalp

Bugs in scalp

Let’s get back into 2007, a man from Colorado was facing a terrifying itch in his scalp. After using ointments, some special shampoos,  but the itching got more damaging and then it turned into intolerable pain.

When the operation done they found some penny like botfly maggots there.

4. Cockroach in ear

Cockroach in ear

Though it is strange to have this on your ear! Hendrik Helmer who is from Australia was experiencing intolerable pain in his ear, then he thought it could be a spider inside. This was2.5 cm ( which is almost1 inch) long cockroach.

He tried to pull that out with vacuum out the invader but it hadn’t worked out, Helmer visited a doctor who finally removed the cockroach from his ear.

5. Cricket in ear

Cricket in ear

Here is something awkward! a man from India got an almost 8 centimeter ( almost 3 inches) long live cricket inside his ear. After a while, doctors succeeded to remove the cricket from his ear.

6. Eel in bladder

Eel in bladder


This is more than a horror story. A Chinese man was having a bath with little eels that were supposed to snack the dead skin from his body but he was not that fortunate. Same happened with an Indian boy.

Though Indian boy´s fish was just 2 cm ( about 0.8 inches) long, the eel which was entered the Chinese man´s bladder was almost 15 cm.

7. Eel in intestine

Eel in intestine

A Chinese man after watching a pornographic movie put a live, 50 cm (20 inches) long eel right into his anus.

Then trying desperately to escape, the poor creature chewed through the man´s colon, perforated his large intestine, and became stuck in his body cavity.

8. Fir tree in lung

Fir tree in lung

9. Fish in a bladder

Fish in a bladder

Its all about a small boy, when 2 cm long fish got into his penis while he was cleaning his fish tank.

Professor Vezhaventhan and Jeyaraman, who took care of the boy told when the fish entered in his urethra, then it came to the bladder and from where it had to be surgically eliminated.

10. Fish in lungs

Fish in lungs

It’s India again! a boy from India accused about breathing problems after someday of playing with his friends in a river.

After a checkup, the doctor’s were shocked, there was a 9 cm long fish was found in the boy’s lung!  The boy after committed they were playing “swallow a live fish”.

11. Fly maggots in ear

Do you think 57 maggots was a bit much? you’re out of luck. Someone in India visited a hospital complaining about a pain in his ear.

Then the doctor examined his ear, he found hundreds of larvae feeding on the man´s flesh. And if the maggots hadn’t been removed, they could have burrowed into the man´s brain and killed him.

12. Fully formed dandelion

Fully formed dandelion

As you have to know, pine trees and Pea plants are not the only plants that are prickling, this was a young girl, who was from Beijing found with a fully-bloomed dandelion inside her ear.

13. Moth and tick in ear

Moth and tick in ear

A man who was from the US had to face an unfavorable event of having both a tick and a moth alive inside the same ear.

Auspiciously, there was his friend who managed to remove both of those with a pair of tweezers.

14. Pea plant in lungs

Pea plant in lungs

This is Ronan Svedan who is from Massachusetts, one-day he experienced a tenacious cough, and the doctor suspected this as a tumor.

After going to the hospital, laboratory tests and the X-ray showed a tiny pea plant was there in his lungs.

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15. Spider in ear

Spider in ear

A girl from Germany named Melua was experiencing strange feelings and noises in her ear. Soon after doctors examined her they found a little jumping spider dwelling in the singer´s ear canal.

Then the doctor removed the spider via a suction device, Melua decided to set the arachnid free in her garden.

16. Squid spermatophores in mouth

Squid spermatophores in mouth

Soon After having a partly cooked squid, a South Korean woman who was 63-year-old, felt like something was unfolding in her mouth.

Soon after the incident, she chose to visit a doctor.  After the checking, the doctor had found spermatophores in her mouth.

17. Tapeworm in intestines

Tapeworm in intestines

Do you know about these small animals? These Tapeworms are long parasitic creatures, and they often found in human organs where they can live to 25 years.

25 meters long tapeworm had founded in a human’s body but usually, they are not that long.

18. Worm in brain

Worm in brain

If someone discovers worm in your brain, that is pure insanity. Which is exactly what happened to a Chinese man who was 50-year-old.

Soon after experiencing severe headaches, the man went to a hospital and then doctors discovered a special type of worm was there named Spirometra erinaceieuropaei.

19. Worm in eye

Worm in eye

This incident happened in 2010, John Matthews who is from Iowa was saying about seeing strange dark spots and a blurred vision.

When he visited his ophthalmologist, he found that John had a parasitic worm inside his eye and it was terrifying.

20. Worms in kidney

Worms in kidney

Well, this is our Last worm story, we promise. The incident happened in November 2014, from the Czech Republic, a 76-year-old woman complained of difficult gut pains with some blood in her urine.

After examining her, they found two worms, which were about 10 centimeters long stocking on her kidney.

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