20 Freaks And Oddities You Have To See To Believe

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Nature is the most mysterious thing on earth. Everything that we see on earth also mysterious but normal in our sight. The article is going to show you some of the unusual things in the world. They are really odd and freaky. Suppose, we know a duck has only two legs. But when you see a duck with for legs. Then what happens in your mind? You may be strange to see it or feel scared. Now we wanted to see you from six-legged cows to two-headed kittens. Here are most 20 Freaks And Oddities You Have To See To Believe. Hopefully, you will be enjoyed as well as amazed to see them.

Here Are 20 Freaks And Oddities

1. Bi-pedal front legged pig

Bi-pedal front legged pig human freaks and oddities

The pig is known as ‘Zhu Jianqiang.’ The unusual pig was born with only two front legs which it exceptionally now uses to walk on. The pig has earned some natural fame to owner Wang Xihai who says that the pig proved to us that no matter what form life is. It should continue to live on by struggle. He also said that he would not sell it even someone offers him some of the big money. However, the unusual pig is an inspiring creature in the world.

2. Conjoined Crocodiles

Conjoined Crocodiles human freaks and oddities

It is a picture of an odd crocodile. The kid crocodiles were born in June 2001, at the Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm. The farm is located on the outskirts of Bangkok in Thailand. The freaks and oddities animal has two heads, two bodies but only a tail with each one holding its own separate interior organs.

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3. Cyclops Kitty

Cyclops Kitty human freaks and oddities

An unusual incident appeared in Oregon City in the United States. A Cyclops kitten was born on 28 December in 2005 with only a large eye which was grown on the place of its nose. This type of disfigurement is known as Holoprosencephaly. Besides an eye, the kitten was not found to have any noise at all. The disfigured kitten, at last, died two days after it’s born. It is really a mysterious creature in the world.

4. Deformed Frog

Deformed Frog human freaks and oddities

Many deformed frogs were found nearby the lakes and rivers in the wetlands of the United States with deformed varieties found in Minnesota, South Dakota, Quebec and Wisconsin in 1995. The new investigation points to nutrient-rich runoff from plantation and ranching as a cause.

5. Fluorescent Pigs

Fluorescent Pigs human oddities book

A research team from Taiwan University achieved in producing three green fluorescent pigs. According to Professor Wu, the fluorescent pigs were the output of embedded green fluorescent Jellyfish genes. It was a great success in agriculture’s field. Besides, the pigs were looking so much odd and freaky.

6. Four-Legged Duck

Four Legged Duck human oddities book

The four-legged duck called ‘Stumpy’. It was found at the Warrawee Duck Farm in Copythorne, Hampshire in England. The unusual duck was born in 2007, It’s unusual legs that grow out from behind its regular pair of legs but despite its abnormality, the duck has no obstacle with its regular movements.

7. Four-Legged Hen

Four Legged Hen human oddities book

A four-legged hen made headlines in 2005 after it was found at Brendle Farms in Somerset in Pennsylvania. it is like the four-legged duck. The hen has also unusual legs that grow out from behind its regular pair of legs but despite its abnormality too, the hen has no obstacle with its daily activities.

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8. Giraffe with a 90 Degree Neck

Giraffe with a 90 Degree Neck human oddities book

An about 12 foot high Baringo Giraffe became popular for its strange neck disfigurement. its neck bent by almost 90 degrees, the disfigurement was not present when it was born and was first noticed when it was three. Though it has the disfigurement, it has no problem to move and doing regular activities.

9. Hermaphrodite six Legged Calf

Hermaphrodite six Legged Calf Freaks And Oddities

The six-legged calf was born on April 29 in 2007, at the farm of Brian Slocum of Litchfield. The extra two legs really unusual but more unusual is that the calf also has both male and female reproductive organs. It is really a strange creature in the world. However, we don’t know about its situation now.

10. Six-Legged Octopus

Six Legged Octopus Freaks And Oddities

Do you know how many legs have an Octopus? You may know that all Octopuses have eight muscular arms right? But the Octopus has six-legged. It was first was found by British marine specialists and It is also the first strange sea creature discovered among the octopus species.

11. Six-legged Cambodian Cow

Six-legged Cambodian Cow Freaks And Oddities

This is a picture of an unusual six-legged Cambodian cow. It was first found in a farm near the Cambodia city in Phnom Penh on October 7 in 2003. Though the child cow has six-legged, it has no problem to move except looking a little bit of odd.

12. Twin-Tails Deer

Twin-less Deer schlitzie circus freaks

This is an extremely odd-looking deer which have six-legged as well as two tails. The 5 to 6-week old deer looked to have had an identical twin that did not work all the way. Without its freaks and Oddities looking, it has no problem to move or doing other activities.

13. Two-Headed Calf

Two Headed Calf schlitzie circus freaks

This is a picture of mysterious tow-headed and two-faced calf. It was born on December 27 in 2006, in Virginia, the USA. The two-faced calf has an almost unusually large head. The calf breathes out two noses and has two tongues which move individually. The strange situation is associated with artificial insemination.

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14. Two-Headed Kitten

Two Headed Kitten human oddities museum

This is a picture of a mysterious tow-headed kitten. It was born in Inverness in Florida, the USA. The two-faced kitten is like the calf which has two-headed and two-faced. However, the kitten can breathe with helping its two noses. It has two noses and four eyes. It is looking cute beside strange and freaky.

15. Two-headed snake

Two headed snake human oddities museum

The two-headed snake looks like something from Greek Mythology. The animal is an excellent example of a situation called Polycephaly. The normal snake looks freaks and Oddities, here the two-headed snake is more freaky as well as spooky.

16. Two-headed Tortoise

Two headed Tortoise human oddities meaning

This a picture of a sweet two-headed tortoise. At first glance, you may think of it as a toy. The tortoise was first found on June 24 in 2007, in Huaibei, in the eastern part of the Anhui Province of China.

17. Two-headed turtle

Two headed turtle human oddities meaning

Native people in Costa Rica first see the twin-headed turtle lying on the seashore.  At first glance, you may think of it as scrap. However, the two-headed turtle was looked so much strange odd as well as freaky. You may not see it before like it.

18. Unicorn cow


This is one of the most freaks and oddities animals. The freaky animal is owned by Farmer Jia Curbing in Northern China’s Hebei province, the unicorn cow has become a tourist attraction since its identification.

19. Mutated Three-eyed wolf-fish

Mutated Three-eyed wolf-fish

This is a picture of a mutated wolf-fish which has three-eyes. It was caught by a fisherman in Cordoba who found it in a lake near a nuclear power plant in Argentina.

20. Seven Legged Lamb

Seven Legged Lamb

The seven-legged lamb was first found on July 31, 2007, on a farm. The farm name is Methven. It is located near Christ Church in the South Island of New Zealand.  The freaky-looking lamp is one of the most mysterious creatures in the world.

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