20 Famous Collectors And Their Collections

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There have many wondering things are happened in the world sometimes naturally, sometimes happened by the human being. The features and characters of the people over the world are individuals as well as their hobbies. Most of them are so much fond of collecting Coins, Bikes, Car models, Comics Books, Stamps and so on. The things are most common. But now I describe something that is really rare and Famous. Here are some 20 famous collectors and their collections. We hope you will be enjoyed.

Here Are 20 Famous Collectors And Their Collections

1. Asphalt

Asphalt Famous Collectors And Their Collections

For collecting the Asphalt. Two students of Colorado State University has founded the Asphalt Museum in Calfornia in 1991. The sample of famous collectors and their collections from the ancient Roman road to less famous roads over the world for the Museum.

2. Ball-point pens

Ball-point pens famous collectors and their collections

More than 220,000 ballpoints pens owner! Yes, Angelika Unverhau, a citizen of Germany has collected nearly 220,000 ballpoints pens from the various places as well as from 146 countries. Since her childhood, she has been collecting pens. But collecting pens would her hobby in 1990. Then she made a club for collecting pens.

3. Barbie dolls

Barbie dolls famous collectors and their collections

Barbie is a toy doll, made for the little girls. The toy doll has been collected by famous collector Jian Yang, a 33 years old man. He has about 6000 Barbie dolls in his collection. Even, he achieved Guinness World Records for having a huge amount of Barbie dolls in 2013.

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4. Belly button fluff

Belly button fluff famous collectors and their collections

The owner of the three jars of Belly button fluff is Graham Barker who lives in Perth, Australia. He has been collecting the colors fluff for 26 years. He began to collect the strange memorabilia while noticing his own navel cloths.

5. Burnt food

Burnt food Famous Collectors And Their Collections

How do you think to collect Burnt Food? There was a museum of burnt food in Arlington, Massachusetts. The museum is founded by Deborah Henson Conant. The museum already has contained more 49,000 burnt food.

6. Chewed nicotine gums

Chewed nicotine gums famous collectors and their collections

To collect chewing gum is Barry Chappel’s one of the strange hobby. He collected 175 pounds weight of Chewing gum during his whole life. He started his collection of chewing gum to lack of a proper place to dispose of the gum in an international flight.

7. Hamburgers

Hamburgers famous collectors and their collections

Matt Milgram is popular for collecting hamburgers. The begging story of collecting hamburgers is a little bit peculiar. One day, he bought two hamburgers from a fast food shop. He ate one and froze another. After a few days, he invented that the test and smell remain the same. After that, he began to collect the hamburgers.

8. Hot sauces

Hot sauces famous collections

Do you wanna get the name of hot sauce? You may google to know but you get all the name from the collection of Vic Clinco. The man collected 6,000 bottles of sauce from the world including a rare bottle of ‘Blair’ the hottest sauce in the world.

9. Rubber ducks

It is a picture of Charlotte Lee and her rubber ducks. She has achieved the Guinness World Records for her 5,631 rubber ducks. She has been collecting the ducks since 1996. Even she is still on the hunt to collect the rubber ducks.

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10. Pandas

Pandas famous collections

Celine and her husband Andrew have been collecting around 2,200 pieces of Panda memorabilia since 1978. Celine announced that she will donate her all doll pandas to the disable children before passing away.

11. Penises

Penises Famous Collectors And Their Collections

Among the strange hobby, to collect the penis of various species is one of the curious hobbies. However, Sigurdur Hjattarson, a teacher of Iceland, has a hobby. He is a famous collector and already has collected about 300 penises from the various species of animals including seals, land mammals, whales and so on. Anyway, he could not collect it for pornographic or related that. He just collected it for his own happiness.

12. Pokemon

Pokemons famous toy collectors

Lisa Courtney, a citizen of the United Kingdom, is a real fan of Pokemon. She has more than 15,000 pokemon in her collection. She has been collecting Pokemon doll toys since 1997. She collected the toys from the USA, UK, France, and Japan as well.

13. Potato chips

Potato chips


You may laugh to hear that potato chips also collected by someone. Yes, Myrtle Young collected potato chips when she was working in Seyfert Foods in Fort Wayne as a potato chip inspector. Before her death in August 2014, she collected more than 250 to 300 quality chips.

14. Sneakers

Sneakers crazy celebrity collections

Jordan Michael Geller is a collector of Sneakers who collected around 2500 pairs of Sneakers from all over the world. He has achieved Gunness Book of World Records for collecting the highest amount of sneakers in 2013.

15. Soviet calculators

Soviet calculators crazy celebrity collections

Sergei Frolov is much fond of collecting ancient Soviet-made calculators and vintage computers. He already has collected approximately 150 calculators and try to make money to open a Soviet vintage electronics museum.

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16. Super Marios

Super Marios famous toy collectors

Mitsugu Kikai a citizen of Japan has collected approximately 5,441 Super Mario. The largest amount of Mario was the unique things which he has belonged. In July 2010, it was counted that he was the famous collector of the highest quantity of Super Mario.

17. Supermen

Supermen celebrities who collect toys

Herbert Chavez is a man of so much fan of Superman. He even has gone a series of cosmetic surgeries for turning his nose, lips, cheeks to similar to Superman. The Philippines citizen has collected around 1300 memorabilia of Superman.

18. Toilet seat lids

Toilet seat lids Famous Collectors And Their Collections

Barney Smith, a retired plumber of Texas, has been collecting toilet seats for 30 years. He has already 700 toilet seats in his collection. Even, he opened a Toilet Seat Museum in Texas that museum has about 1000 toilet seat lids.

19. Toothpaste tubes

Toothpaste tubes weird collections

Have you ever heard the name of Mr. Ronan Jordan? He became famous to collect empty tubes of toothpaste. He has achieved World Record for collecting of empty tubes of toothpaste on October in 2013. However, the amount of collecting tubes of his was around 3750 of various companies over the world.

20. Water guns

Water guns celebrities who collect toys

Chris Reid, a Boeing scientist, has around 345 Waters gun. He has been collecting the Super Sokar Water gans from his childhood. The first water gun was autographed by Lonnie Johnson, inventor of Super Soaker inventor.

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