Most 20 Examples Of Abbreviation For Texting

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We have become a community of mobile phone texters or messages. Text messaging has become one of our most common as well as popular activities in the present day.

We take our cell phones to the shop, home, on public transit, even to the bathroom. Though a text message is also known as Simple Message Service (SMS ) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS ), used to be restricted to 160 characters, these days most cellular systems allow unrestricted texting, so (u can wrt wteva u want 2 ur friends) you can write whatever you want to your friends.

Some words are likely but do not really shorten things. From the excellent flip phones, can they really be called excellent if they are only 10 years old? To today’s smartphones, text messaging proceeds to develop.

Just find out what people are writing in their messages, here are the Most 20 Examples Of Abbreviation For Texting.


Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

Being one of the most popular words in the English language did not help get pleased! (pls/plz) higher on the list of our articles, coming in as the 20th most regularly used text message abbreviation. Maybe big-time texters are not very friendly?


Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

A text message abbreviations with many spellings, thanks’ shortcut’s THX, and TKS are also not on the head of the list. Maybe there’s some fact to the impolite theory.

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3. LMK

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: jinterwas via Flickr

LMK, if you have heard the term one before. Becoming more standard in business circles as well, LMK by COB = Let Me Know by Close Of Business, LMK is a good way to end a discussion when you are waiting to hear back on something.

4. K

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

Not much off from OK, ‘K’ has been the root of several people’s texting excitement. Ever write a long message to someone and they just reply with K? It is ‘No’? K.

5. JK

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Lulu Hoeller via Flickr

JK about addressing K to you in the immediate message. Totes did not mean it. Short-tempered for Just Kidding, JK has become a basic text message abbreviation.

Since a text message does not have an expression like the human voice does, some messages can be misconstrued by the receiver. Thx to emoticons, it’s now more obvious to conduct emotions.


Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

An ideal of couples and mothers, the text message shor-writing or speed writing for I Love You, is ILY or ILU. It’s apparently best not to use JK after ILY. And do not reply to ILY.

7. IDC

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikipedia

The abbreviation’s everyday use is quite remarkable. The SMS abbreviation for ‘I Don’t Care’, IDC might start a discussion if used in the wrong way.

8. IDK

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

Related to IDC but completely safe to use, IDK is the abbreviation for I Don’t Know. Usually, used to reply to questions or ask for an explanation as ‘IDK what that is’?

9. GR8

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

A preference of parents hoping to resemble cool in front of their kids, GR8 is shorthand for Great.

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10. G2G/GTG

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

Very famous in old chat rooms and online messaging services such as AIM, AOL Instant Messenger, G2G/GTG are the abbreviations for Got To Go. It’s a simple way to say bye.

11. AML

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

Parallel to ILY or ILU, AML stands for All My Love. Don’t be confused it with the familiar Reddit feeds of AMA, Ask Me Anything!

12. BFF

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikipedia

One of the most popular teenager SMS abbreviations, BFF stands for Best Friend Forever. BFF was more widespread in the early 2000s and is usually replaced today with ‘bestie’, though BFF has a more powerful meaning.

13. GF/BF

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image:

Lovers prefer to use loving abbreviations. Most of us have had a GF/BF, short for Girlfriend as well as Boyfriend instead of GF and BF.

14. F2F

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikipedia

Though we have expanded our chatting over technology, we still appreciate a bit of F2F talk. Short for Face to Face, F2F is commonly used when a subject is too pressing to talk about through text.

15. ETA

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

An abbreviation of ETA which began out before text messaging, ETA (and its cousin ETD) stands for Estimated Time of Arrival or Departure.

16. Tmrw/Tmro

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Duncan Hull via Flickr

‘GTG, chat tmrw’ was also a common AIM phrase. The tenth most simple text message abbreviation, Tmrw or Tmro is shorthand for Tomorrow. It makes us imagine why is not there a generally used abbreviation for yesterday?

17. Def

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

Sometimes written as ‘defo’, Def is a useful abbreviation for compliance. Standing for Definitely, that is one you should def know, k?

18. CU L8R

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikimedia

It is a common way to respond goodbye, CU L8R ‘See You Later’ can also be divided into Cya or L8r to stand alone. Can you explain the phrase?

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19. B/C

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Noel C via Flickr

You should know that one B/C it’s so usually used! ‘Because’ has a hostess of various abbreviations, including B/C, bc, and cuz, though do not involve the last one with your cousin! Context elements.

20. BTW

Source: Bloomsbury International, Image: Wikipedia

Beneficial for adding something to an early message, BTW is short for ‘By The Way’. BTW, how various of these abbreviations do you usually use?

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