Most 20 Dead Bodies Found In Weird Places

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The human being is not immortal! Not only exactly the human being but also life is not actually immortal! Nobody knows where they will breathe out.

By the article, we are going to see you some of the dead body that is found out after their death and nobody thinks there will be stayed dead body.

However, If you think that dead body and human remains are seen in some of the most unusual and doubtful places are something you can hardly see in loathing of evil stories, then you are not correct. In fact, various of these films have been motivated by actual stories.

Anyway, here are some of the dead bodies they are actually found from a body curled up in a gym cloth to a body attached in a chimney, check out the 20 of the most unique areas human bodies have been discovered.

1. Set of CSI: New York

Set of CSI: New York

In 2006, something got scarily pragmatic during the filming of CSI: New York. Inside the building where production was underway, a building designer found a mummified cadaver or dead body.

What makes the situation even spookier is the fact that the event really involved a plot with a mummified body.

2. Set of CSI: Miami

Set of CSI: Miami

A few days later the mummified body was discovered at the set of CSI: New York. Same way, the set of CSI: Miami too displayed a true crime scene.

While shooting in the Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida, the staff of the show was trying to get flying footage when the officer found a dead body floating just a few steps from the set’s place.

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3. Elevator shaft

Elevator shaft

An elevator shaft in a rejected Detroit warehouse was host to a fearful discovery in January 2009, A dead body encased in ice with its legs revealed.

Though the facts surrounding the death are obscure, it’s believed that the wandering person got stuck in the elevator shaft while trying to reclaim something.

4. Tiger shark stomach

Tiger shark stomach

In 2010, a tiger shark was seized on a fishing campaign and prior to its release, it vomited a human foot. Although the odds of being killed and eaten by a shark, the incident is indeed true.

5. Wooden gallery

Wooden gallery

It seems among the Kuku-Kuku people in Papua New Guinea, If a member of the clan dies, they drive the body to milk out its fluid, draw out its internal organs into the anal spigot and hold the body over a fire to absorb out moisture and kill bacteria. Then, the mummified body is placed into an ornamental wooden gallery.

6. A closet in a New York´s club

A closet in a New York´s club

In 2008, the security guard was shocked at what they found at New York’s Spotlight live club after Li’l Kim’s 33rd birthday party. Ingrid Rivera, a 24-year-old woman’s dead body was found in a rooftop utility closet. Rivera has later beaten with a blunt object probably a champagne bottle and left for dead.

7. Freezer


Bodies wrapped in freezers are familiar in horror movies. However, the offensive act sometimes happens in real life as well.

In 2008, the bodies of three children were discovered in a woman’s freezer.

Investigators discovered that the woman killed her children right after birth and stored their cold bodies for 20 years.

8. Gym mat

Gym mat

A 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson from Valdosta, Georgia, was discovered dead, rolled up inside a gym cloth in South Georgia’s Lowndes County High School in January 2013. The official inquiry report says that he suffocated after falling into the mat while trying to regain a sneaker.

However, the boy’s parents are assured that his classmates assassinated Kendrick.

9. Teddy bear

Teddy bear

When Joshua Scott from Alabama got a 5-dollar teddy bear at a parsimony shop, he had no concept of the loathing about to unfold. When he arrived home, he found a container full of human ashes inside the bear.

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The family reported the crazy finding but so far, nobody has claimed the urn.

10. Mayan sacrificial pool

Mayan sacrificial pool

The pool is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Yucatan, Mexico is the so-called cenotes. You will be fine as long as you just swim in the pools, but whatever you do, never dive down.

On the bottom, there are numbers of skeletons of people dedicated centuries ago to Chaak, the rain god of the Mayans.

11. Rooftop hotel water tank

Rooftop hotel water tank

When visitors at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles in California, accused of low pressure and an unfamiliar taste in the water, they couldn’t have thought the terrible source of the problem.

A maintenance operator discovered the rooftop water tank sealed by Canadian tourist Eilsa Lam, who had supposedly sunk inside.

12. Haunted house

Haunted house

Each Halloween, a family house famous all over the neighborhood for scared.

But the last Halloween, the house got scarier than the organizers indicated. An unknown 71-year-old man hung in the house and was left there for another 3 weeks until the guests lastly realized his body was not a post.

13. Roots of a tree

Roots of a tree

When Hurricane Sandy cleaned throughout Connecticut in 2012, it hit down numbers of trees and one of them revealed a morbid mystery that had been disappeared for centuries.

Wrapped within its roots, many human remains were found. Later investigation disclosed that the field had been a funeral site for Yellow Fever victims.

14. Sofa

Haunted house

A homeless man, Denis Pring, hit on his furniture, he didn’t have the haziest idea of how his generous force would end up.

Pring, who has consumed a deep drinking session, died on the sofa. Then, Pring’s dead body was found inside the sofa after 10 years when Derrick, his friend, moved out.

15. Padlocked gym bag

Padlocked gym bag

A nude, decomposing body of a British spy inside a padlocked gym bag is apparently one of the most unusual and frightening discoveries that crime detectives have ever made.

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But what makes the case even more offensive is the fact that the bag was found in the spy’s residence and there has been no evidence of anybody else being included in the tragedy, which gives an appearance to various theories and thinkings about what really happened.

16. Mailbox


A postman in Pennsylvania was on his way when he discovered a strange box at the bottom of a mailbox. At first, the box, which had no address or stamps, was thought to be a bomb so authorities were carried into investigate.

After the bomb-sniffing dogs gave the okay and they found a metal box with cremated ashes of people.

17. Holy River Ganges

Holy River Ganges

Every day, many dead bodies of men, women, and even children are discovered washed up near the shores of India’s Ganges River.

However regional officials never doubt any crime, as it is thought that the dead bodies were just given water burials. Numerous starving Indians cannot provide cremation so they just bury their dead family members in the river.

Unluckily, the only supplies to the already heavy contamination of the Holy River.

18. Air conditioning

Air conditioning

In October 2013, the dead body of a man who officials mistrust might have been trying to break into a convenience store in North Carolina was found inside the building’s air conditioning system.

The body had already rotted as the store had been locked for months.

19. Place captured by Google Maps

Place captured by Google Maps

A crime scene with a body and investigators was unexpectedly captured by Google Maps and appeared on the internet. The event was a murder of a 14-year-old boy who was killed near the roads in 2009.

20. Two different sewage plants

Two different sewage plants

In October 2013, a dead body’s part of a killed woman showed up in two separate sewage plants in Los Angeles.

First, operators who were holding a plugged line at the plant in Bassett found the head and topmost half of the woman and just two days next, her legs, foot, and pelvis were discovered at another factory in Carson.

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