20 Weird Stuff To Buy Online

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Most of us have done online shopping according to our requirements. Whatever, how many times have you purchased a tank over the internet? Or have you ever heard of an imaginary pal? If you haven’t done any of these then these 20 weird stuff to buy online.

Here Are The 20 Weird Stuff To Buy Online

1. A Liver

Crazy Things You Can Buy Online

There is a law against selling body parts online but in an online auction, a man’s liver was bidden over $5 million dollars prior to being shut down.

2. A Stone Foot

A Stone Foot Weird Stuff To Buy

Now you can’t find it on the market but you will be surprised to know that this foot-shaped stone was sold by a man from Maine at $1 million.

3. An Enormous Cheeto

An Enormous Cheeto

In 2003 the world’s biggest Cheeto was auctioned for sale. This weird stuff to buy online as large as a kiwi and its weight was just over half an ounce.

4. Baby Wigs

Baby Wigs Coolest Things You Can Buy Online

From Lil Kim to Samuel L Jackson everyone’s hairstyle represents these miniature wigs. These miniature wigs let the parents laugh at their kids’ new look.

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5. Drive Through Kit

Drive Through Kit Weird Stuff To Buy

When you hear drive through the kit, we mean it. The kit made by Brevita Cooperative Association has a physical drive-through unit which helps you to kick-start your work.

6. Fake Fat

Fake Fat

Though it can have some retrievable use as a physical exercise motivator, no way that 5 pounds of artificial fat wouldn’t be on this list.

7. Human Skulls

Human Skulls

If you need any type of skull for any kind of research then skulls unlimited can be your great weird stuff to buy online.

8. Justin Timberlake’s French Toast

Justin Timberlake’s French Toast Weird Stuff To Buy

In March 2000, after the breakfast on a TV program, Somebody took Justin’s half-eaten toast and sold it for about $4,000.

9. Owl Vomit

Owl Vomit

The false upchuck kit from is mainly targeted towards children. It consists of everything you need for hours of enjoyment dissecting owl vomit.

10. Private Islands

Private Islands

If you have enough money and you like solitude in the middle of the ocean then Vladi Island should be your destination.

11. Rights to Name a Woman’s Baby

Rights to Name a Woman’s Baby Weird Stuff To Buy

In 2005 Melissa Heuschkel gave birth to her fourth child. Instead of naming the child she thought the weird stuff to buy online. Online casino bought the right for $15,000 and they named the child “”.

12. Severed Mouse Heads

Severed Mouse Heads

Have you ever thought of wandering with a dead mouse on your head? Then just go to and order a few dead mouse hairpins for you.

13. Tanks

Tanks Coolest Things You Can Buy Online

A Prague based company, Mortar Investments, offers you the opportunity to purchase any vehicle that comes with treads and a gun.

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14. The Moon

The Moon

You can buy 1-acre land on the moon for $32 through the New York-based Lunar Registry.

15. UFO Detector

UFO Detector Weird Stuff To Buy

You can purchase this extremely leading technology for only $75 to detect extraterrestrials.

16. Uranium

Uranium Weird Stuff To Buy

You can think it cool to have your own radioactive substance but for sure it’s the quickest way to make you appear on the FBI’s list.

17. USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock

You have to plug the cable into the rock. Now, sit back and wait for this weird stuff to buy online. Nothing happened, right? How funny!

18. Wolf Urine

Wolf Urine

It is thought that wolf urine scares off unwanted creatures. It keeps them away as they think that predators are wandering nearby.

19. Zombie Survival Kits

Zombie Survival Kits Weird Stuff To Buy

You can buy this kit from Gerber for only $350. Jampacked with sharp objects, this manly tools will ensure your death in style.

20. Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend Crazy Things You Can Buy Online

This picture is given by the seller of his fictitious friend known as Jon Malipieman. It may be very strange but the invisible companion was sold for about $3,000.

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