20 Best Countries To Be An Expatriate

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HSBC Bank recently has published a list of some of the best countries to stay as an expatriate. After doing a little research work We have come with a list of countries in a little more detail. So, here is the list of 20 best countries for you to live as an expat.

Here Are The 20 Best Countries For Expats

1. China

China Here Are The 20 Best Countries For Expats

The Mandarin language can be difficult for you but if you can win this challenge, high salaries and a better quality of life is waiting for you in China.

2. France

France Best Countries To Be An Expatriate
French believe in “work to live” rather than “live to work”. If you are not fluent in French, it will be difficult for you to get a job in Paris. Most people come here not to lead an ambitious life but to lead a life rich with culture and beauty of the country.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Best Countries To Be An Expatriate

With different facilities such as health care, public transportation, education, Hong Kong is called the Pearl of the Orient. It is one of the most successful capitalist economies of the present world. However, employment opportunities are not much available here the high cost of living should be considered.

4. Ireland


Ireland became one of the fastest growing economist countries in Europe before the recession and for this, it was called “Celtic Tiger”. During the recession, it’s economy get harder hit than most of its European counterparts. After all, these Expats still have a lot of opportunities here.

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5. Italy

Italy Best Countries To Be An Expatriate

For its rich culture, lifestyle and landscape Italy became a favorite place for expats. The biggest issue that you’ll probably have is searching for a job.

6. Kuwait


About 80% workers in the country are foreigners so now the government has taken stern measures on immigration. If you become able to get a job here, you will find that the culture shock is not extreme here like Saudi Arabia.

7. Mexico

Mexico Best Countries For Expats

Most of the expats come here for retirement. So, you will find jobs available here. Here the big issue is a crime but if you avoid bad areas, you should be OK.

8. Netherlands


The Netherlands is familiar with being one of the world’s earliest democracies and founders of the stock market. The Dutch are very calm and laid back people. with the quality living standard and great public facilities, many expats make the Netherlands their home.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand

This remote, sparsely populated country is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. People come here to ecape the rat race of daily life. Here the big issue is earthquakes.

10. Qatar

The highest per capita income is here. Expats come here in order to take advantage of the rich economy and tax-free environment. Here, the number of foreigners is increasing day by day.

11. Russia


Few Russians speak the second language. So if you want to stay in Russia you must learn the language. This is the largest Country in the world. The high cost of living in big cities like Moscow is also a big issue. If you stay there you will get a completely different view rather than depressing winter, dictator/mafia infested, vodka drinking Russia.

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12. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Expats come here only for jobs. The other things such as lifestyle, food, weather or any other facilities are averse here.

13. Singapore


If you can cope with the strict rules of Singapore, this country will be a great place for you to work and raise your family. It is one of the most diverse places in the current world. So, the number of expats is increasing here day by day.

14. South Africa

South Africa
Though crime is a big issue here, South Africa is the destination for many expats for its labor shortage in the field of engineering and IT. This country has a diverse landscape and rich with cultural experience. The most convenient thing is living cost is low here.

15. Spain


The economy of the country was hit hard by the global recession. Here the salary of a job holder is low but the living cost is also low here. Just secure your job before arrival or you will have to struggle.

16. Thailand


The country is passing through a turbulent political situation now and now finding a job here is quite a challenge. But you can manage a job here you’ll find that this country is great for a living because it’s low living cost.

17. Turkey


Culturally and religiously very homogeneous, Turkish are very welcoming to foreigners. As it has not joined the European Union, the living cost is low here compared to Europe’s other countries.

18. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

It consists of some of the most westernized cities in the Middle East. Here the most convenient thing is one doesn’t have to give any income tax. No wonder the workforce of Dubai primarily consists of expats.

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19. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

To get work visas is really tough but if you are determined and skilled then there are numerous opportunities for you. If you can cope with high living cost, poor weather, then this country is for you.

20. Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a popular destination for the expats because of its clean beaches, clear water etc. Half of the workforce of the Islands comes from abroad. Nowadays the government has become a bit strict to give work visas because unemployment among the locals is really high.

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