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Herschel Walker Net Worth 2023

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Do you love to watch Football matches ? Then, doubtlessly you have heard the name of ‘Herschel Walker’. 

You know Herschel Walker is a man who is multi-talented. He is a Football Player, Bobsledder, Political Candidate, Sprinter as well as Mixed Martial Artist.

Hence, Herschel net worth is derived from Playing Football as well as Mixed Martial Arts which is estimated to be more than $12 Million. 

Stay tuned with this article for knowing some interesting things about this multi talented man. 

Early Life, Family and Education 

Herschel was born on March 3 in 1962. Hence, his birthplace is in Augusta which is in the state of Georgia, USA. His parents’ names are Christine Walker and Willis Walker. 

Herschel completed his 12 grade from Johnson County High School. After that, he joined the University of Georgia for his higher studies. 

Career, Award and Recognition 

The Football career of Herschel started from his school life. In his school and college life, he played a vital role in the sports events. 

In the early 1980s, he played in the United States Football League. Hence, he collaborated with Oklahoma Oil Toycon, owner of New Jersey Generals. In 1986-1989, he joined the National Football league.

In that time, he signed with numerous Football Teams such as Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and  New York Giants. Later, he started his Bobsledding as well as Mixed Martial career. 

Currently, he is involved with several services and activities including Political Activities, Renaissance Man Food Services, Training and Diet, Mental Health Issues , Advocacy and so on. 

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He was the winner of several awards as well as Trophy in his school, university and professional life as follows :- 

Year Awards 
1980Academy’s Golden Plate 
1982Heisman TrophyMaxwell Awards 
1999 College Football Hall of Fame

Asset, House and Car 

Walker has a house in Edina. Currently, he has made his house which is outside of Dallas. 

Income details and net worth

The main portion of his money comes from sports events which are football as well as Mixed Martial Arts. Herschel Walker net worth is approximately $12 Million in 2021.

Social media popularity

His Facebook account is Herschel Walker which has 36k followers. 

The name of his Instagram Account is therealherschel34 which contains 84.5k followers. 

Instagram- https://instagram.com/therealherschel34

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TeamHerschel 

At a glance

NameHerschel Walker 
Birth Name Herschel Junior walker 
Gender Male
Age 59
Birth DateMarch 3, 1962
Birth Place Augusta, Georgia, USA
Nationality American 
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 102 Kg 
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced 
WifeCindy DeAngelis Grossman (1983-2002)
Children One son 
ProfessionFootball Player, Bobsledder, Political Candidate, Sprinter as well as Mixed Martial Artist.
Net Worth $12 Million 


Herschel Walker is the richest celebrity in this world. Whenever u feel down, u can watch the motivational speech of walker which is truly motivated people. 

Herschel walker net worth has reached this position for the power of his mentality. Moreover, he always believes in himself which is the biggest thing of his success. 

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