Which Shark Has The Most Attacks On Humans?

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You all have the common think about Shark attacks to the human, actually who makes the situation to attack sharks. Do you have any ideas about the shark’s attack? Elsewhere, there is no doubt about the possibility of documenting over one document based on this record. However, only a few species shark who is the danger can gruff you. Despite this report, the actual number of lethal shark attacks remain uncertain. Though sharks are very dangerous people want to recognize them.  There are most uncommon 20 Sharks Have The Most Attacks On Humans.

Here Are 20 Shark Attacks Statistics

1. Leopard shark

Leopard shark Shark Attacks Statistics

The Leppard shark is commercial and recreational fish for human food and aquarium trade. A species of hound shark of the Leppard shark in the family trade They can grow typically measure (1.2-1.5m) long and able it identify directly by the striking pattern of back saddle-like marking. Leppard shark has the most attacks on human and active swimming predators.

2. Silvertip shark

Silver tip shark Which Shark Has The Most Attacks On Humans?

We consider the silvertip shark as potentially dangerous to humans. Silvertip shark is a large species shark. Colouration of the shark is blue-grey with a bronze sheen and white below. Basically,  this shark lives in the deep sea. They can grow up to 3.0 meters but typically extend 2.2-2.5m (606-802ft) in length and weight approximately 162.2kg. Female sharks are large than male and they have 12-14 tooth rows on each side of both jaws.  Silvertip shark is dangerous for attracting and feeds bony fish.

3. Porbeagle shark

Porbeagle shark Shark Attacks Statistics

The Porbeagle shark is a stout-bodied shark.  Pectoral fins of this shark are long and narrow probably they can grow 3.7-meter length. Gray above and white below, the porbeagle has a very robust middle section that tapers toward the long. Pointed snout and narrow and long base of the tail. Porbeagle shark has the large inner and dorsal fins, tiny pelvis, and anal dorsal fins. Even,  a caudal fin in the form of a half-moon.

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4. Silky Shark

Silky Shark Shark Attacks Statistics

We also know the Silky Shark as fatal shark names such as grey whaler shark, olive shark. The black-spot shark they have strong attracting power to human otherwise, you do not disturb to them. It is one of the most abundant sharks in the pelagic zone and someone can find this shark worldwide in tropical deep waters. Highly mobile and migratory this shark is most frequently found at the edge of the continental shelf up to 50 meters (164 ft) and large size teeth for cutting. They are very dangerous and 6 human attack reports collected from the International shark attack file(ISAF), predator shark feed bony fish.

5. Dusky Shark

Dusky Shark how many shark attacks

The range of dusky sharks extends worldwide live in warm-temperature in the deep sea. The dusky shark is nomads and strong migrators and undertaking record movement up to 3.800km. The female sharks are capable of strong messes of sperm, possibly from multiple male sharks. We initially consider dusky sharks as a dangerous attacking to human.

6. White Tip Reef Shark

White Tip Reef Shark

We consider the White Tip reef sharks is requiem shark in the family. This species is easily recognizable by its slender body and tubular skin flaps beside the nostrils. Whitetip reef shark grows nearly 106m length and typically found clean water at a depth 8-40m.

7. Sandbar Shark

Sandbar Shark how many shark attacks

This is distributable by its high first dorsal fins and inter-dorsal ridge, we also call sandbar shark is the thick skin shark. The body color of the shark can vary from a bluish to a brownish-grey to bronze. Female reach has sexual maturity around the age of 13 an average fork-length of 154.9 cm.

8. Broadnose Sevengill Shark

Broadnose Sevengill Shark Which Shark Has The Most Attacks On Humans?

It also knows is a Sevengill shark in the only extant member of the genus notorynchus, in the family Hexanchidae. Broadnose Sevengill shark length of birth is 40-45 cm while the mature male length is 1.5 m. The maximum female length around 9.8ft. It packages these sharks for frozen food to fulfill the demand of meat for many countries.

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9. Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark international shark attack file

The Oceanic whitetips are large shark has largely rounded fins and the first high rounded dorsal fin, It found worldwide. It is bronze, grey above and white below. This shark has a white speckling on its dorsal fins. This shark is occasionally coastal but is naturally epipelagic and oceanic. It lives in tropical and warm seas and feeds on tuna, barracuda, and marlin.  The oceanic whitetip has described the dangerous shark has the most attacks on humans. With the suspicion that the tokens managing many fatal attacks on humans because of the predation of survivors of shipwrecks or downed planes. Although ISFA has recorded 14 human incidents (with three deaths). However, these reports did not include in the reports.

10. Gray Reef Shark

Gray Reef Shark

The grey reef shark is quick-swimming. someone finds it as far east as Easter Island and South Africa. Male shark grey reef shark will bite at the female’s body during matin. They feed mainly on bony fishes. Female sharks maintain a procedure of swimming, numerous adult female has observed slowly swimming in a circle in shallow water during pregnancy.

11. Spinner Shark

Spinner Shark international shark attack file

The spinner shark is the swift and gregarious predator, they are brilliant and make a group. It often finds spinner sharks pursuing schools of prey at high speed.

12. Blacktip Reef Shark

Backtip Reef Shark

This species prefers shallow, inshore water, Blacktip reef shark has small home ranges with exhibit strong site fidelity. This shark is highly active predators the small bony fishes, cephalopods, and crustaceans and can reach at least 5.2ft.

13. Spotted wobbegong

Spotted wobbegong international shark attack file

The Spotted wobbegong sharks is a flattened stocky body, stout tail, and wide lobed finds shark. Though, this shark is flat but aggressive. It considers this shark excellent for eating. Furthermore, the skin of the spotted wobbegong shark is very tough you can make great leather (Last and Stevens 2009).

14. Caribbean Reef Shark

Caribbean Reef Shark

The Caribbean reef shark is one of the biggest sharks it has documented resting motionless on the sea bottom. A heavy body dangerous shark has the most attacks on humans. Teeth have broad bases, narrow cusps.

15. Lemon Shark

Lemon Shark international shark attack file

In 1868 by Felipe Poey, the lemon shark’s original name was Hyperion Brevirostris but later renamed Negaprion Brevirosteis. The lemon shark congregates for reproducing at social mating grounds. They can grow from 6.5 to 9 ft. It is the yellow coloring that serves with a big body. Basically, you cannot believe it before seeing it. An interesting think lemon shark active at night feed at night because of their tendency to use nursery areas for an extended period and feeding behaviors are easy to determine.

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16. Shortfin Mako Shark

Shortfin Mako Shark international shark attack file

The shortfin mamo shark is a large fairy species of a shark who can swim firstly in the water and extreme danger, statistic record of 9 shortfin mako attacks to a human between 1580 to 2017 (20boat attacks). They always blamed attacks on a human because of their size and super speed.

17. Blue Shark

Blue Shark shark attacks statisticss

Perhaps, you have no enough ideas about the blue shark is quicker especially the feed bony fishes, small sharks mammalian carrion. Even They have a common tendency to fare too poorly in captivity. It often finds this shark in the waters as warms as 25-degree Celsius and can raise 10.6 ft, it’s too fatal for humans and other species.

18. Narrowtooth Shark

Narrowtooth Shark

The Narrowtooth shark valued species of the shark by commercial and recreational fisheries throughout. Its range and utilized as food. This shark has a slender, streamlined body, and make 36 incident with the human report from ISFA. Narrowtooth shark can raise maximum 10.6ft (3.25m), A weight a shark nearly 305kg

19. Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead Sharks shark attacks statisticss

This shark has a head that looks a lot like a hammerhead shark from which someone names it hammerhead shark. They belong to the Sphyrnidae shark family and, unlike other sharks, they swim in a school during the day. Fatal 37 incidents have attributed to the hammerhead. Though no deaths reports recorded yet, this shark has the most attacks on humans according to research.

20. Blacktip Shark

Blacktip Shark Which Shark Has The Most Attacks On Humans?

The blacktip shark is a species of shark part of the family Carcharhinus, named after the coloration of the black tip of its fins. It is basically a coastal shark that lives in shallow waters and feeds on bony fish, squid and small sharks. Reported from ISFA, This shark handle 45 human incidents dramatically.

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