Those 20 Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

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The Earth is full of mysterious creatures. But we don’t know them all, how could we know? According to scientific researchers, the earth has all but 9 million creatures. It is impossible to know them, but some creatures are incredible and strange to look at. I have ensured you that you could not believe that they really exist. Here are 20 Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist.

Here Are The 20 Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

1. Abyssinian ground hornbill

Abyssinian ground hornbill unique animals list

Abyssinian ground hornbill is an earthly African bird that is normally seen in the north of the Equator. They are normally tall about 43 inches and weight would be 4 KG. They have many unique features among them pouch is one. People can easily know their gender to see them. The question would be how? Okay, Let me explain! The male Abyssinian belongs a red throat pouch and a female belongs a blue throat pouch.

2. Aye – aye

Aye – aye Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

The Aye-aye is the animals of Mammalia class. The animals look strange and a little bit scared. The nocturnal is best popular for its strategy of finding foods. The Malagasy’s unique animals you won’t believe exist – live on the coast of Madagascar. Though the natural habitat of its is rainforest, many of them now live in cultivated areas for deforestation.

3. Blue dragon

Blue dragon

Blue Dragon is known by many names to include Blue sea slug, blue Ocean slug, sea swallow, blue angel, etc. The Glaucus Atlanticus could be grown up to 3cm. The color and the legs of the blue dragon makes its unique look. The blue dragon looks like the Glaucus Marginatus spices.

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4. Boxer crab

Boxer crab unique animals list

The Boxer crabs are well-known as Pom Pom Crabs. They are taken their nutrition from the sea anemones that normally hold by their claws for defense. The incredible creature fertilized their eggs on the underside of their body.

5. Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle

Cantor's giant soft-shell turtle

Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle is the freshwater turtle which has an olive color of the protective shell with yellow around its shell. The reptilian classes creature found in South Asia and it is considered as the largest freshwater turtle. It is a matter of great sorrow that the creature is now endangered for global climate change.

6. Dugong

Dugong Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

The Dugong is a herbivorous marine mammal that is roaming in the freshwater over the world. The mammal is mainly dependent on seagrass. It is heard broken news that the creature is very near to extinction because it is hunted by many countries and the Pacific Island for their cultural occasion and some of the hunters hunt it for its meat and oil.

7. Goblin shark

Goblin shark

The Goblin shark is the rare Chondrichthyes class creature that is mainly roaming in the deep sea. The scared-looking pink-skinned shark is also known as living fossils. The jaws of the Shark extend strangely at the time of feeding. Though these unique animals you won’t believe exist, and they look frightening, are not an actual danger to the human being.

8. Ground pangolin

Ground pangonil

The Mammalia classes Ground Pangolin is well known as Temminck’s Pangolin. The cutest look creature can be found in Southern and Eastern Africa. Though it looks like the reptilian creature, they are actually in mammalian classes. The animals have covered with a hard shell that protects them from the outside attacks.

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9. Irrawaddy dolphin

Irrawaddy dolphin

The Irrawaddy dolphin is the dolly and cutest looks creature that can grow up to 8 feet and weight would be 290 pounds. They are mainly seen in the sea parts of southeast Asia and the Bay of Bengal.

10. Lion’s mane jellyfish

Lion's mane jellyfish

The Lion’s mane jellyfish is looking like sea moss. The first sight of looking at the creature, you could not believe yourself that it has life and they can move. However, the animal is broadly known as species of jellyfish. They are found in the Northern Atlantic and the Northern Pacific Oceans.

11. Mantis shrimp

Mantis shrimp

The Mantis shrimp is one of the rare species among the 450 species of mantis shrimps. The malacostracan class creatures spend most of their time to hide in sea rock. However, the claws of the shrimps make them powerful and help them to hunt for survival.

12. Naked mole-rat

Naked mole rat

Have you ever heard the name of a sand puppy? The other name of the animals is a naked mole-rat. It is not the actual look of a rat that is looked at by us normally. The naked mole-rats are unique animals you won’t believe exist and they have sensitive thin skin that makes it a strange and unique species in the world. Though the behavior of the creature is the same with normal rat, it’s skin makes it different from its classes.

13. Panda ant

Panda ant

The Panda ant is one of the cutest looking insects which body’s color as same as Panda. Though the appearance is lovely, the nasty sting which is extremely painful. For their painful nasty string, they are also called Cow-killers.

14. Pink fairy armadillo

Pink fairy armadillo Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

The Pink fairy armadillo is one of the smallest creatures which belongs in the Mammalian classes. The animal is also known as the Pichiciego.

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15. Red-lipped batfish

Red-lipped batfish

The red-lipped batfish is also known as Galapagos batfish which is the Actinopterygii class creatures. The creature is nearly related to rosy-lipped batfish. They are naturally found 10 to 249 feet deep around the Galapagos Islands. Though they belong in the deep sea, they are not actually good swimmers.

16. Scotoplanes


According to scientific classification, the Scotoplanes is the Holothuroidea class creature. They are commonly known as sea pigs. The unbelievable looking creature can be found over 1200 to 5000 meters deep around Atlantic, Pacific and Indian sea.

17. Striated frogfish

Striated frogfish unique animals list

The Striated frogfish is looked likely child toy which belongs in the Actinopterygii classes. They are also known as hairy frogfish. The extensible soft rounded body is covered with dermal spinules feathers. The small creature grows all but 22 CM.

18. Tufted deer

Tufted deer unique animals list

The Tufted deer is one of the rarest animals in the world. The animal is nearly related to the Muntjac. The creature is not only small species of its characterized but also looks unique and strange especially for its furious teeth. However, the mountain habitat unique animals you won’t believe exist, they are found near central China and northern Myanmar. It is a matter of great sorrow that, the animals are mostly threated extinction now.

19. Venezuelan poodle moth

Venezuelan poodle moth unique animals list

The Venezuelan poodle moth is one of the unique and most peculiar creatures which was discovered by Dr. Arthur Anker in 2009.

20. Wolffish

Wolf fish

Don’t be scared to see the picture of the furious animals! Though it looks so furious animals, it is just a giant looking fish. The fish grows up to 40 inches and comes out from its belonging place in the night and prey small fish and other small sea creature to survive.

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