Top 20 Scary Looking Harmless Animals In The World

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Any existing being, including a human being, can be assigned to as an animal. An animal is an alive creation such as a dog, lion, rabbit, bird, fish, insect, even human being. But I am not going to show you just about an animal.

I am going to show you some of the animals which are looking scary but actually harmless. The earth is full of mysterious and full of strange animals. 

Animal comes in all form and sizes. Some are cuddly, adorable, and overall charming to look at. However, there are some of the animals which sport some of the most terrifying faces you would ever hope to imagine.

But simply because some of the animals look threatening, does not mean that they are really that. From disturbingly soft Aye-Aye to alien-like deep-sea animals with horribly long, swelling teeth.

However, check out the most 20 Scary Looking Harmless Animals In The World.

1. Aye-Aye


The aye-aye is a tall fingered animal. It is a strepsirrhine primate inherent to Madagascar that links to rodent-like teeth that permanently grow and a unique thin middle finger. It is the world’s largest nocturnal primate.

Apart from its scary look, these tiny lemurs inherent to Madagascar are sometimes also recognized as death harbingers. But the fact remains that the night-loving, fruit-eating primates posture no danger to humans.

2. Basking shark

Basking shark

The basking shark is the second-largest existence shark. It stands after the whale shark. It is one of three plankton-eating shark classes, adjacent to the whale shark and megamouth shark. The adults of the classes typically reach up to 6–8 meters in length.

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However, the world’s second-largest existence shark looks scarier than its bigger family but the gentle giant poses no threat to us, none whatsoever. It’s gigantic, broadly open mouth filters water in order to capture plankton, insects, and small fish.

3. Camel spider

Camel spider

The camel spider is an animal of the class Arachnida known differently as Solifugae, wind scorpions, sun spiders. Despite the popular names, they are not true scorpions neither true spiders.

However, for several ages, Middle Eastern tales have spread camel spiders as long, poisonous predators, as quick as a running human, with a voracious craving for general mammals.

But victim to a host of civil legends which include legends of camel disembowelment, feeding on relaxing humans, and strong poisonous bites, the Camel spider is blameworthy of none of these charges.

Although it looks very scary and threatening, it is not a dead animal and though its bite might be uncomfortable, is not medically notable.

4. Chinese giant salamander

Chinese giant salamander

Seizing a range of up to 1.8 meters, the Chinese giant salamander is the most extended amphibian in the world.

Though its scary shape and size, it only feeds on bugs, frogs, crabs, and small kinds of seafood. Because of its extensive over-hunting, the animal is now critically threatened.

5. European yellow-tailed scorpion

European yellow-tailed scorpion

Only around 25 out of 1750 known species have poison able to murdering a human being. Averaging about 4.5 cm in range, the European yellow-tailed scorpion is one the scariest dangers to us. Though its scary look, the scorpion’s sting seems more like a bee’s sting than anything more.

6. Gharial


The gharial is known as gavial as well as fish-eating crocodile, the gharial is a giant, critically threatened reptile now just living in particular areas of India and Nepal.

The animal’s teeth look terrible but in fact, its slight and delicate jaws are ineffective of eating anything too large. So it is actually not dangerous it’s looking.

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7. Giant African Millipede

Giant African millipede

The large African millipede is one of the most generous millipedes in the world. The tropical, about 256-legged arthropod, simply feeds on decomposing plants and nonchemical materials. In some nations, people keep it as a pet.

8. Goliath birdeater

Goliath birdeater

The spider is considered as the biggest spider in the world, the Goliath birdeater does have the infection but its bite rarely compares to the bite of a wasp.

In fact, their scary look is way more serious than anything the spiders could do to you.

9. Manta ray

Manta ray

Manta rays are big eagle rays seen in tropic, subtropic, and warm waters. Historically, the wondrous animals were worried for their gigantic size and strength. Although, manta rays have been confirmed to be gentle, mild and seldom playful creatures.

10. Marine hatchet fish

Marine hatchetfish

Marine hatchet fish looks like someone’s worst nightmare. It is actually a small deep-sea mesopelagic ray-finned fish seen in tropic and subtropic waters like the Manta Ray. Standing approximately 12 cm in length, the little critter can’t hurt anyone.

11. Milk snake

Milk snake

Milk snakes are renowned for their remarkable resemblance to the remarkably poisonous coral snake, a mimicry that assists to terrify away predators. In spite of it’s a comparison to the Coral Snake, the milk snake is totally innocent.

12. Pitbull

Pit bull

Pit-bulls are really smart, faithful, and overall excellent pets, Although they are looking a destructive and threatening dog. As with any dog, conventional socializing is required.

13. Sea pig

Sea pig

The sea pig is a strange looking and scary creature. At first, glance, when you see it, of course, you will feel scary and offensive. 

But when you get to know the small blind mud-eating creature which lives 1,000 meters deep in the ocean, you will come to understand, there really is nothing to worry.

14. Thorny dragon

Thorny dragon

The Australian lizard has a fearful first glance. Shielded with the finery of threatening heads, the formidable dragon just increases up to 8 inches and eats insects.

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Aside from the fact that it will shoot blood at you from its sights if threatened, there’s no need to worry the little guy.

15. Vampire bat

Vampire bat

Vampire bats have an unusually fearsome status. It’s pure, they absorb blood and just come out at night but they favor feeding on stocks and other creatures. Human bites are very limited. Unnecessary to say if the bite does happen, it won’t convert you into anything.

16. Vulture


Vultures is one of the most terrifying characters amongst all birds. They are enormous and look remarkably intimidating but they are hunters, which means they serve on things that are previously dead and are they completely harmless to you. As long as you are living, at least.

17. Whale shark

Whale shark

The whale shark is the world’s most extended fish stretching a length of almost 13 meters. In spite of its unbelievable dimension, these actually are mild monsters. Some newborn whale sharks are also known to play with swimmers.

18. Whip scorpion

Whip scorpion

The whips scorpion is in the arachnid order related to true scorpions. No matter how fearful these guys can resemble you, the fact is they seldom arrive at more than 3 cm in height and have no poison organs.

They do, however, sprinkle a blending of acetic acid and caprylic acid when they are interrupted. But the barely connect to a true scorpion sting.

19. Wolfish


Another scary creature inhabiting deep in the ocean that is wolfish. It is a bottom-feeding fish that can increase more than 6.6 ft. But the human being doesn’t need to fear its mighty jaws.

The fish just uses its robust canine and molar teeth to damage short crabs and lobsters.

20. Wrinkle-faced bat

Wrinkle-faced bat

What resembles a nightmarish monstrosity from a sci-fi movie is really a small, completely innocent, fruit-eating bat inherent to some nations in Middle and South America.

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