20 National Geographic Animal Photos Of Animals In The Wild

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To take photographs of the wild animals in the wild is the main part of the tale we tell at National Geographic. Every September photographers around the world are invited to submit their best wildlife shot to win the title of ‘Nature Photographer of the year.’ Furry, feathered and finned- Here is selected 20 National Geographic animal photos for you to encourage the wild photographer in you.

Here Are The 20 National Geographic Animal Photos Of Animals In The Wild

1. Sardines. South Africa

national geographic animal photos Sardines. South Africa
Photo Credit: GREG LECOEUR

What do you basically see in the picture? Two flocks of Sardines are moving through the see, aren’t they? Yes, it is a famous picture nominated by national geographic.

2. Bald eagle. United States

national geographic animal photos 2 Bald eagle. United States
Photo Credit: JERRY AM ENDE

The picture of Bald Eagle is captured from the United States of America. The sea eagle is seen available across North America. In the pictures, the two Eagles are fighting each other in the air. However, the National Geographic animal photo is captured by a wild photographer and it is nominated as the best photos in national geography.

3. Fox. Hokkaido, Japan

national geographic animal photos 3 Fox. Hokkaido, Japan
Photo Credit: HIROKI INOUE

This a picture of a child fox which is survived in the snow. The picture was taken from Hokkaido in Japan. It is another picture that was also nominated as the wild best photographs.

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4. Peacock bass. South Miami

national geographic animal photos 4 Peacock bass. South Miami
Photo Credit:  MICHAEL O’NEILL

Peacock bass is a freshwater fish. They are mainly the native of Amazon. However, the picture of the food fish also consider as the game fish, is taken from South Miami.

5.Tree frog. Pinellas Park, Florida

national geographic animal photos 5 Tree frog. Pinellas Park, Florida
Photo Credit: GAGE STEPHEN

Do you know, why the picture was nominated as the picture of wild photography? It is an incredible picture of Tree frog, they have hidden in trees. You may not understand to see it on your eyes. See the picture, if the eyes, not gliders, you may not sure to recognize it like a frog.

6. Meerkats. Botswana

national geographic animal photos Meerkats. Botswana
Photo Credit: M. ENGELMANN

Meerkat is a small burrowing animal that usually looks like a mongoose. The strange picture is taken from Botswana. The picture is nominated as the world wild photographs for its unique looks.

7. Gorilla. Uganda

national geographic animal photos  Gorilla. Uganda

Look at the picture of Gorilla, carefully. Though it is a wild animal, the emotion that is shown on its face actual like the human being. That’s why the national geographic animal photo is nominated as the best world wild animal photography.

8. Polar bears. Canada

national geographic animal photos  Polar bears. Canada

The intelligent animals are rare in the world, they are not seen regularly. They are now endangered by climate change. However, the picture of the Polar Bears is taken from the Snowing area of Canada by the professional wild photographer.

9. Blue shark. Portugal

Blue shark. Portugal national geographic animals
Photo Credit:  ALDO COSTA

Blue Shark is now near the endangered species in the world. It now stays close to threatened listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. However, the picture is one of the best nominated as the world wild Photography which is captured from the deep sea in Portugal. It is sent by Aldo Costa.

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10. Porcupine Caribou. Canada

national geographic animal photos 10 Porcupine Caribou. Canada
Photo Credit: PETER MATHER

A flock of Porcupine Caribou which is captured by wildlife photographer Peter Mather. The picture was taken from Canada’s forest.

11. Green vine snake. Maharashtra, India

national geographic animal photos Green vine snake. Maharashtra, India
Photo Credit:  VARUN ADITYA

Look at the greeny snake! I don’t know, it is poisonous or not. But it is looking a few furious. The picture is captured from the Indian province Maharashtra in India. The wild animal photo is captured by Varun Aditya, an Indian photographer.

12. Horses. Spain

Horses. Spain national geographic animal photos 12

what do you see in the picture? Two horses are fighting or doing fun, I don’t know. But it is a famous national geographic animal photo that was taken by Javier Arcenilas from Spain.

13. White-tailed eagle. Hungary

White-tailed eagle. Hungary national geographic animal photos 13
Photo Credit: BENCE MATE

The picture of a White-tailed eagle that was sent by Bence Mate. Maybe the eagle is waiting for hunting or it is weak for its ages.

14. Sidewinder. Nambia

Sidewinder. Nambia national geographic animal photos 14

Sidewinder is a venomous snake which hides in the sand. When they need food they come out from the sand. However, the dangerous venomous is captured by Kirsten Tucker from Namibia.

15. Reindeer. Canada

national geographic animal photos Reindeer. Canada

A flock of Reindeer on the snowing land in Canada. It is one of the best wild animal photography that was sent by Jason Van Bruggen.

16. Booted Racket-tail. Ecuador

Booted Racket-tail. Ecuador national geographic wildlife
Photo Credit: AMY MARQUES

This is incredible photography that is taken by Amy Marques. The Booted Racket-tail is on the air, the moment is really awesome.

17. Yacare Caiman. Brazil

national geographic wildlife Yacare Caiman. Brazil

The furious Yacare Caiman is normally found in central South America. The angry and hunting mood Caiman maybe go hunting something. The Caiman is captured by National Geographic animal photographer Giovanni Mari from Brazil.

18. Kingfishers. Spain

national geographic animal photos Kingfishers. Spain

Here is a picture of a couple of Kingfishers who is sitting on a pulse. They may feed one another. The story picture is captured by Andres Miguel Dominguez. It was one of the selected pictures of wild animal photography.

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19. Green sea turtle

Green sea turtle animals images hd

The picture may be a child turtle which is swimming across the freshwater sea. The rare Green sea turtle is sent by Brett Monroe Garner.

20. Peacock. Indonesia

national geographic animal photos 20 Peacock. Indonesia

This is a picture of a peacock with spreading feathers. The amazing moment captured by Octoyura Bamahry from Indonesia. It is selected as wild animal photography by national geography.

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