20 Examples Of Animals With Special Body Parts

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Today we are about to discuss something unusual. Like what type of unusual? It is with animals. We do have a lot of articles on animals before and this is again, but this is a bit different. We will show you some animals with some unusual body proportions and we hope you are going to like this.

In this article, we have arranged 20 images and their short briefs, so that it remains easy for you. This can pore your knowledge and you are going to know about something uncommon in general. So, let’s get into the section. This is a special edition of course.

Here Are 20 List Of Animals With Special Body Parts

1. Giraffe weevil

Giraffe weevil List Of Animals With Special Body Parts

The name of the Giraffe weevil is clear from Madagascar to Endemic. The males have significantly widened necks, which can be bigger than their own lengths several times. This giraffe weevil measures approx. 2,5 centimeters, almost 1 inch, and it’s useful to build and fight for the nest!

2. Chameleon

Chameleon List Of Animals With Special Body Parts

The rare ability to immediately change the colors and move your eyes automatically already makes the chameleon a mysterious animal. However, this lizard and its tongue is also another bizarre anatomical specialty.

3. Fiddler crab

Fiddler crab List Of Animals With Special Body Parts

Fiddler crab is an animal known for its excessive body. You can see that this small crab has about a hundred different varieties, but they have one standard feature: sexually dimorphic claws. The clashes of the female are the same size, but the major clasp of the male is far greater than the other. They are fighting with the main claw.

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4. Goblin sharks

Goblin sharks examples of animals with special body parts

Goblin Shark is an especially odd creation because those deep-sea residents have a prominent feature that makes their mouths a little frightened. These sharks have jaws that stretch to catch beasts.

5. Sword-billed Hummingbird

Sword-billed hummingbird examples of animals with special body parts

The sword-buckled hummingbird is discovered almost above 2500 m or 8,200 ft. at greater altitudes in South America. This bird bill can exceed 10 cm, sometimes longer than its length! It can be over 10 cm. The strange tongue expands significantly so that the bird can nourish any flower that it meets.

6. Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus examples of animals with special body parts

You can disregard the enormous weight and strength of the hippopotamus, one thing is still worthy of this unbelievable creature; its teeth. The reduced canines and bottom teeth are swollen, especially in men, with the incidents growing up to 40 centimeters, and canines grow almost 1,6 feet long up to 50 centimeters.

7. Tarsier

Tarsier examples of animals with special body parts

Tarsiers is tiny haplorrhine priests in the islands of Southeastern Asia. Its eyes are partly tiny and each eyeball has a diameter of approximately 16 millimeters, which is as large as the whole brain. Tarsiers have one of the largest eyes in the animal kingdom according to the size of their body.

8. Colossal squid

Colossal squid examples of animals with special body parts

This is the Colossal squid, a large mollusk up to 14 meters in size. There is an unbelievable 27 centimeter, almost 11 inches of the biggest recorded eye of this animal species! Therefore, only lost ichthyosaurs have known bigger eyes to all animals that have ever lived on Earth.

9. Blue whale

Blue whale pictures of animals and their body parts

It’s not surprising that countless bodies and body sections of that mammal are deemed the most large and weighty of any animals in the animal kingdom. we understand that the blue whale is the biggest current animal. You know, even a creature of this enormous size has one body section which is especially big. Amazingly, the tongue of a blue whale can weigh three tonnes!

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10. Ribbon-tailed astrapia

Ribbon-tailed astrapia pictures of animals and their body parts

The ribbon-tailed astrapia, the species of bird of paradox endemics in Papua New Guinea is known as Shaw Mayer’s astrapia. This rare bird is medium in size, about 32 cm long but males can measure more than 1 meter when their tails are included in their measurements! The men’s tail-tailed astrapia has the longest tail-feather relative to the bird’s dimensions, with the bizarrely lengthy tail over three times its width.

11. Musk deer

Musk deer pictures of animals and their body parts

This snow-toothed deer you can call, this musk-deer is another animal that has strange teeth! There’s nothing so unique about the size or shape of its endangered canines. Speaking of a reality that this is a deer and that deers should not be cuddled with! These mammals are native to Asian woodlands and use their long lines in conflict-building.

12. Narwhal

Narwhal pictures of animals and their body parts

And nothing compares to the narwhal when it comes to grotesque teeth. They are medium-sized, long-sharp whales, but it’s not actually a job or an antler, but a giant extended tooth! It’s an extended tooth! During regional discussions and at times ice breaking in the Arctic whale location, the canine has a length of up to 3 meters.

13. Morgan’s sphinx moth

Morgan's sphinx moth pictures of animals and their body parts

Did you see the longest nose animal? Probably you’d tell an elephant, and be right in most instances. And with regard to the dimensions of the nose to the body, there are animals who say a much longer nose. For instance, Morgan’s sphinx moth is a very big East African hawk moth, with a 28 cm long snout, approximately three times the size of the moth’s body!

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14. Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkey animal body parts worksheets

Talking about strange noses, check out the monkey of Probosci! She is located in the Borneo Island and is a long-nose monkey that co-exists with the Bornean orangutan. This is a reddish-brown monkey. And their nose is especially evident in the male but even the female’s nose is still rather broad for a preacher.

15. Snub-nosed monkey

Snub-nosed monkey animal body parts worksheets

Some apes, who have an absurdly big nose, others have hardly any. You are in Asia, the snub-nose-nose monkey is a monkey species readily identified with an oval nose’s stump. This monkey is very uncommon and has not been well studied in the dwelling of mountain trees up to a height of 4000 m.

16. Pelican eel

Pelican eel animal body parts worksheets

Many animals can be seen with strikingly big mouths, but a creature can readily exceed all of them. The pelican el is a deep-sea ray-finned fish with a large-mouth. They are also known as gulper eel.

17. Purple frog

Purple frog animal body parts worksheets

We understand that most frogs are quite spared and witty, but a frog species has more of a hippopotamus than a body proportion. This purple frog found in India has a powerful, floated and comparatively ringed body, brief pudgy legs, a tiny head, and an uncommon, pointing taste.

18. Magnificent frigatebird

Magnificent frigatebird pictures of animals and their body parts

This splendid frigatebird is the biggest species of frigatebird, spanning nearly 89–114 centimeters. Their husbands have a remarkable red gular sac, expanding to appeal to women.

19. Japanese spider crab

Japanese spider crab pictures of animals and their body parts

The Japanese spider crab has the largest leg length of any arthropod, and is approximately 40 centimeters long and can range from claw to claw to 3,8 meters.

20. Hercules beetle

Hercules beetle pictures of animals and their body parts

This Hercules beetle, along with its absurd strength, has a giant horn that can occasionally be longer than its own bodies! and can lift their own weight over 850 times.

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