Interesting Facts About Dogs That Have Done Extraordinary Things

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We say that dogs are the best friend of man and it is true that in most cases they do everything to make you smile.

They will coalesce with you when you feel depressed and try to cheer you up, and they will never raise your mistakes against you or judge you for your bad decisions, your appearance or your failure in life.

They will be your unconditional friends and never betray you.

However, there were many dogs that were much more than just loyal friends. They were dogs that saved the lives of many people or even changed the world with their heroic deeds.

Here are the 20 amazing cases of dogs that make you respect dogs for the rest of your life.

1. Barry


Almost two hundred years after his death, Barry, a Swiss mountain rescue dog for St. Bernard’s Great Hospice, is still known around the world for saving more than forty lives.

2. Belle


Belle is not just a loyal friend of her boss or even a regular lifeguard. She is also incredibly smart. When his diabetic owner, Kevin Weaver, suffered a seizure and collapsed, Belle began biting Weber’s cell phone to call 911.

Belle, who had learned to bite number 9 on her cell phone to contact 911, has shown that dogs are much smarter. as some of us think.

3. Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier who became famous in the 19th century Scotland as the first loyal dog in modern history. Bobby is said to have spent fourteen years guarding his owner’s grave until he died on January 14, 1872.

The story of Greyfriars Bobby is known in Scotland to this day through several books and films and an outstanding statue that is famous. Honor has become a major tourist attraction in the region.

4. Honey


Honey, a sweet cocker spaniel, was with his boss as he backed a little too far from his driveway and sent his SUV forty feet into a ravine. The vehicle landed on the roof and blocked the sixty-three-year-old Michael Bosch.

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After a few hours, Honey managed to escape when Bosch managed to close the window and ask the dog for help. Honey caught the eye of a man half a mile away and took him to the scene of the accident to rescue Mr. La Vida De Bosch.

5. Jackie


Jackie, a Dalmatian mix, is certainly the most notorious dog on this list and one of the most notorious dogs of World War II. Why?

Well, for those who are unaware of this, Jackie’s incredible ability to give the order Nazi salute earned him the nickname “Nazi Dog.”

6. Jade


In 2013, a beautiful dog named Jade rescued a newborn baby who was abandoned in Birmingham Park, England. According to British news, Roger Wilday, a 68-year-old man, had accompanied his nine-year-old German shepherd, Jade, when the dog suddenly headed for some bushes.

Jade lay down next to a discarded carrying bag, refusing to return to her owner’s side until she came to her and spotted the abandoned baby.

7. Jim the “Wonder Dog”

Jim the “Wonder Dog”

Jim, the wonder dog, was a Llewellin setter who had some of the special talents an animal has ever shown. According to various sources, Jim was able to accurately predict the gender of the unborn children and the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

He also predicted the Yankee victory in the 1936 World Cup just a year before he died at the age of twelve.

8. Katrina


Ironically, a brave black Labrador named Katrina became a hero during the natural disaster that shared her name: Hurricane Katrina.

She saved a man who drowned before the rising flood claimed his life. Katrina, who was later rescued by rescue teams, was honored with a great ovation at the Genesis Awards this year.

9. Loukanikos


Loukanikos, possibly one of the most popular dogs in the world in recent years, also known as the “Riot Dog”, was at the center of attention and became a global symbol of resistance during protests against austerity measures in Greece.

Loukanikos health was severely affected by the inhalation of tear gas and other chemicals during the riots he participated in and died on 9 October 2014.

His story has been reported by Reuters, BBC News, CNN and Time Magazine. among other things while his picture is immortalized in a mural in one of the main streets of the city.

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10. Mkombozi


In 2012, a heroic Kenyan dog named Mkombozi found a rag-wrapped baby in the Ngong Forest, looking for food.

He was seen passing a parcel (with the baby inside) through a busy street and through a barbed-wire fence before disappearing into the poor neighborhood of Nairobi, where he lived with his puppies.

The baby and the dog were soon discovered after two children heard a baby crying near their wooden hut and alerted their parents.

The baby was taken to the hospital for exposure treatment, where it recovered after a few weeks in the intensive care unit.

11. Moti


This beautiful German shepherd dog honors every character of the word hero when he literally received a bullet for his human family.

When a masked intruder entered his boss’s house, Moti wasted little time getting up and barking to catch the gunman’s attention.

In front of the furious dog, the shooter shot at him and ran away without hurting the family. Thankfully, Moti recovered completely.

12. Neo


Neo, a beautiful Siberian Husky, is another faithful dog who has helped his boss survive by receiving human help to rescue him. When Marci Snead, a diabetic patient, had a hypoglycemic shock, Neo ran to the next building.

There he attracted the attention of several people who followed him to where Snead had fallen. In a few moments, they called an ambulance and took the woman to a nearby hospital, where she recovered.

13. Pui


A Thai man from Bangkaew, Pui has earned the status of a hero all over Thailand because he saved the life of a newborn girl who was found in a garbage dump.

The dog spotted the baby in a plastic bag at the end of the street in Bangkok, which he then brought to owner Gunned Thongmak’s home and barked loudly to grab his attention. The owner found the preemie and took it to the hospital.

The hero’s exploits saved the boy, who gave Pui a leather collar and a red cross medal from the Tha Rua district.

14. Sergeant Stubby

Sergeant Stubby

Stubby, a Bull Terrier from Boston, was the most decorated World War I dog and was the only dog ​​ever nominated for rank and then promoted to sergeant in combat.

15. Shana


When Eve and Norman Fertig rescued a German Shepherd puppy, half wolf and half German, half ill, two weeks old, from a breeder, they had never dreamed that the animal would one day save their lives.

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During an extreme blizzard, Shana caught the older couple in the snow and stayed with them.

She began to dig a tunnel through which she could bring the couple to the safety of their home.

16. Swansea Jack

Swansea Jack

Swansea Jack was a small Welsh terrier dog with a big heart and courage that became famous in the 1930s for saving people from the sea.

He saved 27 people and won many prizes for his exploits, including the dog’s “Victoria Cross”.

17. Tang


In 1919, a ship named Ethie crashed into the rocks leaving ninety-three sailors in the stormy sea. After one of the sailors had unsuccessfully attempted to swim with a rope to the coast, the captain of the ship gave the rope Tang, a Newfoundlander who lived aboard the Ethie.

Tang took the rope and swam to the shore. He fought against the waves, the strong winds and the strong currents.

Despite all odds, Tang arrived on the coast, where the locals used the rope to anchor the ship and rescue the men aboard.

18. Taz


Danelle Ballengee, an experienced wanderer, was the victim of a violent fall on one of her walks, suffering a broken basin and spending fifty-six hours in a canyon near Moab. Utah, without food and icy weather conditions.

Fortunately for Danelle, her dog Taz literally saved her life when she brought rescuers.

19. Toby


Toby, a Golden Retriever, received the 2007 American Society for Dog Cruelty Prevention award of the year for keeping his owner Debbie Parkhurst from drowning with an apple in her home when it turned out he was drowning, the dog jumped violently on his chest and forced the tight bite to release itself from his throat.

20. Tracker


Tracker, a German shepherd who tracks down survivors, made history when he became the dog who found the last survivor of the World Trade Center attack on September 11th. For his achievements, Trakr was referred to by Time as one of the most heroic animals in history. Trakr died in 2009 at the age of fourteen.

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