20 Funny Animal Pictures With Words

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Animals could be versatile game-changers. Just catch an animal via your camera at the right time and you will get the fun you wanted. Are you looking for funny animal pictures with Words? Sometimes animals do hilarious jobs and if you are lucky to snap them then you are the person. This could be very funny and sarcastic at the same time.

In this article, we have collected 20 hilarious photos of animals that will give you great pleasure and make you more curious about the photos and the stories behind this. So, we should dive into the gallery and have the ultimate fun.

Here Are 20 Funny Animal Pictures With Words

1. Grasshopper Love

Grasshopper Love super funny animal pictures

In this picture, you can see two grasshoppers are holding each other and that forms a love angle. Isn’t it a romantic issue? This beautiful photograph has its own dilemma if you have a close look at this you can realize. Just feel the beauty.

2. Deep Sleep

Elena davidova super funny animal pictures Deep Sleep

What about to have a deep sleep and get captured? An owl is having sleep and the photographer has captured this funny animal picture with delightful moments.  Isn’t it beautiful? Sleep is important for animals too, this photo is just proving this.

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3. A Smiley

funny animal pictures with words A Smiley

A smile can make your day better, so what about the above one? Three sea birds were flying and that’s made the shape of a smiley face. This amazing photography can make you smile too, just try it!

4. Meow Mix

Meow Mix super funny animal pictures

Let’s hide behind the food and get caught on the camera! nice and perfect capture, a cat is finding something under his food packet and happened something magical. The stunning virtual head of the cat is really awkward.

5. Fishing

Fishing funny pictures of animals doing funny things

An Eagle has caught a fish and flying. This photograph is something very uncommon and this will grab a lot of people to see this thing. What are you thinking? A bird can have a better catch than a human?

6. Near to the Danger

funny pictures of animals doing funny things Near to the Danger

Just before get lost on this crocodile’s stomach. Funny animal pictures from National Geographic magazine will bring you wild love and you will drown over this. A dangerous situation for fishes!

7. Catching a Bubble

Catching a Bubble funny pictures of animals doing funny things

What a stunning photo, a puppy is just trying to hold a bubble and the photographer catches this beautiful moment. Sometimes the internet can help us to find this kind of uncommon pictures.

8. Spinning head

Spinning head

A sparrow is just shaking his body after getting wet in the water and after taking the photo it looks like that it is spinning its head. How beautiful! whenever you see this type of illustrating photo you will be amazed and this will grow your curiosity.

9. Floating Cat

Floating Cat funny pictures of animals doing funny things

On the first glimpse, you can think that it’s a floating cat, the moment when the photographer took the picture the leg was hide on the body and looks like this. Who knows, we might be getting floating cats in future days.

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10. Just Before Getting Caught

Just Before Getting Caught funny animals

This rat had a bad day and the photo has been taken just before he was getting captured by the owl. A hilarious photo. This is a National Geographic photo too and in 2006 this photo was selected as a photo of the year in the wildlife section.

11. A Hatrick!

A Hatrick! goofy animal pictures

A beautiful photo. A bird has captured three fishes from the iceberg hole. The photographer is creative to click this kind of photos. You can find this type of photo in wildlife articles or magazines.

12. One more Nut

One more Nut funny animal jokes images

A squirrel is holding a lens and trying to catch a nut. What a creative idea you can see by the funny animal picture. This amazing picture has been taken after very waiting for sure. Excellent one. Let’s just try this and upload the photo over the internet, what do you say?

13. Moment Before Hunting

funny animal jokes images Moment Before Hunting

What a capture, a bird is flying to grab this insect and get framed by the photographer. It’s amazing and increases the passion for wildlife. You can easily see this type of pictures over Animal Planet or Nat Geo website, this will help you out.

14. Let Everything Go

Ian Rentoul Let Everything Go funny animal jokes images

A squirrel is standing on bamboo only on her legs and spreading his hands above like saying ” Let go of everything, see what remains” A classic saying for human relationships. Outstanding capture.

15. Save me!

Save me! funny animal posts

What timing! A lizard is slipping down from a branch and holding another one’s hand and the moment they both get captured. Maybe this is a photo that could be selected as a photo of the year by animal channel authorities.

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16. Grabbing a plane

funny animal posts Grabbing a plane

An Eagle has grabbed a plane which was flying in the sky and you have to do nothing. What a funny animal picture that shows something beautiful. If we look around we can find too many things to live in.

17. High Five

High Five funny animal posts funny animal jokes images

What about to have a high- five with a shark? this deep-sea diver has done the thing, took a high five with a shark. Stunning photography. Who else can do the courage to do like this?

18. Broad Eye-Sight

Broad Eye-Sight funny animal jokes images

A grasshopper is sitting on a leaf but the thing is its eyes. They are like balls and the photographer has taken the shoot exactly how he wanted to. Those eyes can have everything. Beautiful one.

19. Riding Cycle

goofy animal pictures Riding Cycle

A small green insect puts on a leaf and it looks like that rides on a by-cycle. We enjoy funny animal pictures that will make you fall in love with wildlife. This type of photo could be selected for the prize as far as we know.

20. Magical Cat

Magical Cat goofy animal pictures

What are you thinking? the cat is floating over the magical touch?  The cat jumps and his owner acts as a magician, that’s the time when the photographer clicks.

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