20 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Dog [Dog Facts]

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Dogs can be a blessing to their owners. Their intelligence and a good sense of humor can enhance one’s life.

So dogs are not just man’s stupid companion. As a matter of fact, the dog has many unique qualities that make it different from other animals in the animal kingdom.

Here are 20 facts you didn’t know about your dog.

Here Are 20 Dog Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Dog

1. Dogs are hotter than people..literally

Dogs are hotter than people..literally Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Dog

Research shows that dogs are hotter than humans.  101 to 103 degrees is the average body temperature of a dog which is much higher than a human and that’s why your dogs get infected to fleas instead of you.

2. Dogs can read your face

Dogs can read your face

Dogs have the instinct to sense a human’s emotion just like a human.

Dogs can understand us and can read the emotions on our face and can tell if we are happy, sad or angry.

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It is the only animal in the animal kingdom that can do so.

3. Dogs don’t like second-hand smoke either

Dogs don’t like second hand smoke either

From studies, we know that dogs can face some health issues if they got exposed to toxins in second-hand smokes.

They may have a breathing problem, allergies and even nasal and lung cancer.

4. Dogs in a pack

Dogs in a pack Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Dog

Just like humans dogs like to live in a group. They consider their owner as of the leader of the group.

5. Dogs see in color

Dogs see in color

We often think that dogs are color blind and can only see black and white in color. It’s a common misconception about them. On the contrary, they can see colors though not as vivid or clear as human.

6. Dr. Spot M.D.

Dr. Spot M.D.

The Schillerhöhe Hospital in Germany found out that dogs have this extraordinary ability.

Dogs can identify the scent of certain organic compounds that exist in human bodies and those are connected to the existence of lung cancer.

This scientific development shows that dogs can be very useful to detect deadly diseases.

7. Heirs and heiresses

Heirs and heiresses

Approximately 1 million dogs in the United States inherit their owner’s wealth.

8. His wild side

His wild side Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Dog

We all know that dogs are domestic animals, even though they have been tamed since around 33,000 years ago, their original emotion is still in them.

Sometimes you can see them howling at the moon, roaming around with a group of dogs, marking and making their own territory.

9. Insecurity


A scared dog can be identified by seeing its tail. They usually put their tails in between two legs as it shuts down the scent glands in their anal area.

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This gland carries the personal scent of an individual dog. This works as an identity card and as if the dog is trying to hide his identity.

10. Dog with bandage

Dog with bandage
Veterinarian putting a bandage over a dog’s paw.

11. Jealousy


Dogs can feel jealousy just like we do. An experiment shows that in the human body there is a hormone called Oxycontin which is involved to express love and jealousy.

This hormone is also available in dogs which causes them to express jealousy. Check: Famous Dog Characters

12. No chocolate, please

No chocolate please

Who doesn’t likes chocolates but chocolates can be very harmful to your dog as it contains a chemical named theobromine which is toxic and can cause serious health issues.

If a dog swallows 100 and 150 milligrams per kilogram of body weight that chemical can do fatal damages.

13. Noseprint identity

Noseprint identity

Every dog has its unique print on its nose. Like humans, we have different fingerprints and all of them are unique.

We can be identified by our fingerprints and dogs also can be identified by their noseprint. As that noseprint is different from other dogs.

14. Pain-inducing thunderstorms

Pain inducing thunderstorms

Ever wonder why your dog suddenly become so excited during a thunderstorm?

Its because every thunderstorm has its own sound frequency which can hurt your dog’s ear.

So maybe during a thunderstorm, your dog’s excitement is actually the reaction to its ear pain.

15. Power sniff

Power sniff Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Dog

Dogs are very effective when it comes to sniffing. They have a strong sense of smell.

It is so strong that it has been determined to be one thousand times more sensitive than that of humans.

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16. Show me that cute face

Show me that cute face

Research shows that longer and more pronounced featured dogs live long while flat-faced dogs like bulldogs live short.

17. Sweaty paws

Sweaty paws

Just like humans dogs can also sweat but not through their skin. They sweat through their paws.

If you feel like your dog is heating up check his paws; they will get sweaty.

18. Sit, lie down, roll over and play dead.

Sit, lie down, roll over and play dead.

Dogs can respond to a certain number of words. 150-250 number of words may seem a lot to a dog to remember but research shows that their learning ability can be so sharp as a 2 years old kid’s would be.

Smarter breeds can remember around 250 words while the normal breeds can take 150 words.

19. The Olympic runner

The omlympic runner

The greyhound is known to be the fastest dog in the world as its running speed is up to 45 mph.

20. Your mutt and cancer

Your mutt and cancer

Cancer is a life-threatening disease. Not only human can get cancer but also your dog can be a victim of it. 50% of dogs at the age of 10 can get cancer.

A skin cancer named mast cell tumor, lymph node tumor called lymphoma, breast cancer or mammary gland tumor and many other cancer diseases can happen to your dog.

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