Most 20 Animal Behavior Examples Images And Info

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Animals are unpredictable creatures on earth, principally because they express a distinct language than we do. But to some degree, most animal behaviors are approximately similar.

However, there are some animal behaviors that are simply obvious odd and it can also be either mind-blowingly impressive or absolutely terrifying. From a shrimp that can produce a sonic boom sunken to goats that dizzy when they are surprised.

Here are the Most 20 Animal Behavior Examples Images And Info like some animal behavior present to you.

1. Fainting Goats

Fainting Goats
Source: Wikipedia, Image: Wikimedia

It is also known as myotonic goats instead of fainting Goats, these are domesticated goats whose muscles simply freeze for about 10 seconds when they feel rush. It normally results in the goat collapsing on its side.

2. Kamikaze Birds

Kamikaze Birds
Source: Wikipedia, Image: Wikimedia

During the months of September and October on cloudy moonless nights, hundreds of birds dive to their losses life in the village of Jatinga in India. Though, the birds don’t really force themselves into the ground.

They are normally pierced and killed by superstitious regional villagers. Investigators believe that some mixture of environmental factors causes the birds to become disorientated and travel towards the village lights.

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3. Cows all face the same direction when they eat

Cows all face the same direction when they eat
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Try to observe a group of cows when they eat grass or anything. The behavior of a cow little bit strange! When a group of cows eats grass in the field, they all face the same direction.

Well, actually they choose one of two directions, either north or south. Specialists are quite not sure why they do to like this.

4. Whales “voices” are getting deeper every year

Whales “voices” are getting deeper every year
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

It is only by a few hertz but for the last 40 years about every reported whale song has taken progressively deeper over the course of time.

Many theories have been put forth including everything from noise contamination to global warming.

5. Predicting Earthquakes

Predicting Earthquakes
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

From infections to dogs, various animal kinds probably have this superpower which has been noted as the days of ancient Greece.

In fact, some are said to prophesy earthquakes up to one week in advance. As usual, we are not accurately sure why and just as a disclaimer, some experts deny this as coincidence.

6. Smoking

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

You may know that some animals can intimidate the human being. But you may not know that even animals can get addicted to the vice as the case of Tori, the Indonesian Orangutan, goes to show. Her zookeepers even have to deal with her tantrums if she does not get her periodic fix.

7. Warring Chimps

Warring Chimps
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Most animals fight on earth, but chimpanzees do it in a vigorously like human manner. They perform raids, apply tactics, and capture the colony.

8. Animal-Eating Plants

Animal-Eating Plants
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

It is known as Pitcher plants, these carnivorous flowers typically eat insects and bugs. Sometimes though they have been recognized to trap rodents and even birds.

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9. Troubled Teenagers

Troubled Teenagers
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Young elephants throughout Africa have been known to explore and kill rhinos for no obvious reason. Park soldiers determined to institute a big brother program that paired young elephants with older elephants that would positively prevent troubled teens from acting up. Strangely enough, the program operated and rhino deaths have gone down.

10. Animal-Eating Herbivores

Animal-Eating Herbivores
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Plants are not the only accidental carnivores in the world. Some herbivores like cows and goats as well as sheep will also turn on their fellow farm animals if their food is low in nutrients.

11. Compensation for ugliness

Compensation for ugliness
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Zebra finches have been identified to lay lightly larger eggs when their partner is supposed to be less charming.

Probably the extra nutrients and room to grow are meant to recompense for the father’s unfortunate genes.

12. Squirting Blood

Squirting Blood
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Squirting blood as a protection device would be bad enough but Horned Lizards hold it a move further by ejecting it out of their eyes.

13. Grief and Burial

Grief and Burial
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Elephants have numerous seemingly human customs concerning death and the dead. For example, they have been known to attend gravesites daily, to bury their dead, and even spend time in grief nearby the body of a fellow dead elephant.

14. Running backwards

Running backwards
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

It is absolutely blind and in the dark, naked mole rats can run simply as fast backward as they can forwards.

15. Underground bully

Underground bully
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

On the topic of naked mole rats, the queen mole rat is the simply female in the mole rat community that can really have offspring.

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Do you know exactly why? Because she pushes the other females around so as to cause them stress and prevent them from procreating.

16. Holding grudges

Holding grudges
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Crows have the capability to recognize human faces, and obviously, if they do not like you they won’t neglect you either. Specialists who deceived some crows for investigation made the discovery when the crows would continually heckle them whenever they walked into the lab. By using covers they came to understand that the crows really held a grudge against the people who had caught them. Interestingly enough, the children of the crows would next bear on the equal grudge.

17. Weasel War Dance

Weasel War Dance
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Ferrets will present a series of furious sideways hops whenever they get excited. This kinds of animal can dance whenever they feel or relize of War.

18. Animal torture

Animal torture
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Ichneumon wasps discover a victim, normally a caterpillar, insert their eggs into the victim’s body, paralyze the victim, and then eat it while it is yet alive. The worst section, however, is that the wasp utilizes the fatty deposits and digestive organs first. That keeps the caterpillar alive for as long as possible.

19. Fecal attraction

Fecal attraction
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Do you know about the Hippos? Normally they look so calm and quiet. But they have unique characteristics. They can attract their mates by peeing and excreting simultaneously.

20. Creating a husband

Creating a husband
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Histiocytoma Murchie, a female insect, produces eggs without requiring fertilization. When her offspring grow up she copulates with them and the offspring die quickly hereafter.

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